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Thread: Topic Rhyming

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    Default Topic Rhyming

    Simple. I write a rap, then post a topic. You write a rap that fits that topic. At the end of your rap, introduce a new topic for the next person to use.

    My first topic I'll take from a current thread - Wish You

    "Wish You"

    They say hate is a killer, but hate isn't realer
    Then third world starving, rebel formed armies
    Missing arms and car alarm bombings
    But what I know about that - shoot, nothin'
    But I do know 'bout the struggle I could tell you somethin'
    Eatin' at a friends cuz in my fridge there ain't ish
    Explainin' to my boss while my job's a damn fist
    In my chest neverless pay the bills eff the stress
    Now I'm on the next level
    But I'll never forget where I came from
    If you forgot who you are you ain't ish bish, say sum'in

    I wish I wish I wish
    I wish the world was way calmer
    People in the US didn't have to wear armor
    Or if we could put our guard down from emotional clammor
    Clamor, wha'ever, no I didn't stammer
    And if I ever make mistakes it's part of the main idea ... planner
    Watch my country grammar as I stunt from the country to a condo with a girl who's way tanner
    And a fam that's way fammer with a fanbase in this place that could eat you and your dinner
    Pardon my manner...


    I wish you understood
    I wish there weren't no hood I wish it all good
    But you can throw your life away fightin' injustice
    And at the end of days I still get paid so am I really frontin'?
    Nah - leave it to the doubt, no damn doubt
    Tear down the city and bring the town out
    Think I wanna shout but it died to a whisper
    I used to blaze trees coulda called me mister swisher
    I call ya little sister
    Your baby raps are artifacts think you need a sitter
    So wish for the best
    And achieve that wish or just die like the rest


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    [topic: summer]

    summerise life and feed flames the seeds saved,
    weak snakes weave in the heat haze as breeze came.
    the breeze even leaves the elders feeling young again, unafraid,
    runaways met and slept under summer rain.
    summer rain like tears healed the scorched earth,
    dawn burst.. hot rays, long days and short skirts.
    sit blowing smoke rings deep beneath cloudless skies. now's the time..
    kids play in the shadow of winter if the hour's nigh.

    [next topic: journalism]
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    Turnin' on the news international warfare
    Guns in the countries sayin' people shouldn't go there
    The President is unfair, shouldn't give no health care
    Let the poor die sadly, risin' CNN salary
    Cuz I'm "see-in" malleably molded folded
    Audience gets played like Guns 'N' Roses
    Cuz they feed the opinion people don't think for themselves
    Herd the sheep and the cattle cuz it all leads to wealth
    People 'cross the world starvin' they say our meats bad for our health?
    Oh man how ignorant, bullish stories
    Check your sources, dry *** day weather man said it'd be pouring
    And the basis of the racists isn't skin color it's the classes
    Hatin' on the poor the news be spittin' on our ashes
    Added fire to the burnt and they teach that ish in classes
    Can't believe what I read like I need check my glasses
    Talkin' bout the hoods bad and everything's our fault
    Til' a middle class nice kid shoot out his school and it all falls apart
    It's the talk of the town
    Until the stories old then it's like it didn't make a sound
    People die every single day but their stories don't get told
    They be talkin' bout the cute rich kid got kidnapped
    Where I'm from at least one in the family get mugged or their watch snapped
    But the public doesn't see that
    They paint the anger to endanger and to scare the population
    So let the unemployment rise cuz slangin' yay is battlin' inflation
    And the devils in the details
    And the journalist the demon cuz he only write what he sells
    And his side not inside, news is marketed like retail

    NEXT TOPIC: Hustlin

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    [topic: "Hustlin"]

    the hustle's mephistopheles now faustus lacks soul,
    kids shift bricks like fafner and fasolt.
    hard grind.. stars rise. plough downhill though,
    paid in dust from grounddown millstones.
    it's a dumb hustle. a numb struggle..
    a zombified rising to clean the blood puddle.
    saints straining to make changes,
    worth the same wages they'd pay slaves with.
    wake, make paintings or make paint.. either way,
    splitting shifts with drinking binges, switching nights and days.
    I spend my days on a hustle for food.
    by night I'm freelance artist on a hustle for truth.
    gods are imbibing our monetary units,
    nodding in silence.. monastery music.
    kings sat printing more cash and took stock..
    burn bills before books when the last of the wood's gone.

    copyright Christopher Osborne 2012
    [next topic: places]

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    "saints straining to make changes,
    worth the same wages they'd pay slaves with."

    K lemme go in...


    Fall back
    Hold up let the beat build then I'mma go in...
    Places.. Alright

    This place's familiar like deja vu
    They rendezvous at half past two when the moon blazin' blue
    The sun be long gone and the days be too
    Remember when I was a kid lived on a road to this day got no name
    They proclaim no fame and folks grow old and die sayin' the same thang
    Was a dead end road real and metaphorically, story unfold
    I knew I'd see bigger places
    Can't stand this ignorant country fulla racist faces trust's misplaced with
    Blind men leadin' blind, left that place behind
    But as I recollect I did have some good times
    I remember...
    My first girlfriend ever sittin' under the stars cold weather hold her in my arms
    Like nothing's wrong we play our song, I swiped my V card and later she learned I lied bout my age
    Damn those the days so misbehaved but got sick of the scenery
    Before I was legally an adult changed up the greenery
    Chunked the deuces to my hometown they leavin' me behind
    Keep me in your mind but I became less than a thought
    Old friends I thought were there forever replaced and bought
    By a simple life I'd never be pleased with like Jesus can't believe it
    Some people never left the state, what a state of mind or a form of self-hate
    Bigger and better places but I never forget where I came from...

    Chapter two
    Uncouth a country boy new to the city
    Learned to hustle but first they tried to con me how shiddy
    Every hot girl so damn pretty but half come with a cost like price tag city
    Eventually I learned the ropes I was makin' bank
    And smokin' stank I ran the pace
    Yet unsatisfied still in this place
    So I left my ranks and materialistic ways behind
    Like way behind I changed my mind scholarly pursuits I had in mind
    I was doin' fine moved to the suburbs like I'm doin' time
    Pause rewind lemme take a moment for all the bad bishes I met on the road it's
    Teresa, April, Maya, Kayla... K
    Back to the beat got my feet on the street got my head to the sky
    Got my lips by the pipe homie don't ask me why
    Fast forward a bit when I graduated wait bout to leave this place
    Can't wait for chapter three
    Cuz the sky's the limit homes it's the place to be
    Got people to meet, places to see
    Bright city likes, too much to see
    As the places I go get bigger and greater
    Still never forget the place I came from
    Cuz the success I've had grew from that day one
    Frustration in a place couldn't wait to leave
    Now I'm headed out East it's the place to be
    So if you ever frustrated at the place you at
    Remember sky is the limit homie never look back

    Lemme ride the beat out.. keep it goin... chyea

    Oh almost forgot...

    Next topic: RELIGION
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    [topic: "RELIGION"]

    no religions.. potent visions of our own volition.
    ..searched for lost gods ..found solar systems.
    botched monsters and modern deities,
    long lost gods dodge space-debris.
    faithfully sacrificed vibrant lives to timeless lies,
    saints graced the belly of the beast 'til they climatized.
    we saw through heaven.. raised above it.
    ..gods shot out of the sky by laser turrets.
    set that deus ex machina to download..
    wait 'til napalmed partridge lands in laps of the townsfolk.
    base messiahs; saviours sired by probability.
    mechabots log lesser gods' soliloquies.

    copyright Christopher Osborne 2012
    [next topic: defense]

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    Nice drops by the way, Quickill. I like the angles which you approach the set topics from. interesting content and structure for the mostpart, imo. The content fits the style well too, with a fresh and lively feel to it.

    Please stop switching 'adult' words with similars though. just steer clear of using 'adult' language (or any corruptions/alternative spellings of adult words in context). Thanks.

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    KK no prob man.

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    Song playin in the background chorus is a girl singin "Another girl... Got me feelin' like"

    (the beat:

    [TOPIC: Defense]

    Alright, let the beat drop, I'mma go in.


    Topic - defense

    "Got me feelin' like.... got me feelin' like.."
    Got me feelin' right, got me feelin' light
    Walkin' on seashells, head is in the cloud
    Wonder if she tells, somethin's goin' bad
    But try not to bother, she's searchin' through my words as if I'd try to harm her
    Seems she always harms me
    Force of an army, one word she disarms me, kills flow like a pad
    Sinkin' down bad, trippin' and it's sad
    I'm at the tip of my game, verses never lame
    She drivin' me insane and yet I feel her pain
    Worked so hard to get here but without her ain't the same
    She's a ghost of herself
    And I think I need help
    Cuz all she do is fuss, all we do is fight and I feel a loss of lust
    I feel a lost of trust
    And other girls are comin' like
    I better get my guard up
    Cuz I'm a good dude and they wanna be a part of
    I got my own girl but her heart is hard as hard rust
    "Got me feelin' like"
    But I ain't lookin' for
    "Another giirl"
    But they wanna be in Quick world and yet I'm trippin' on my same girl
    "Got me feelin' like"
    I won't give up I just put my guard though she never let up
    "Another girl"
    And I bet she wanna steal me but are they seein' lust cuz my girl she know the real me
    "Got me feelin' like"
    It ain't even right
    And she won't get the message but this lyric is a testa-
    Ment to dedication and I meant what I'm sayin'
    But she don't reply back and I sense her hesitaiton
    And I feel her reservation
    And she spills her lack of trust like she's speakin dissertation
    Cuz everything I say seems to her is irritatin'
    But she better ease off offense or it's a lose cause and
    "Another girl... got me feelin' like got me feelin' like got me feelin' like"

    But she's bout to lose a good dude
    She's dampenin' my good mood
    I can't even spell the word lose
    Truce - loose - noose around my neck
    It's killin' me cuz I get no respect
    And to others I'm a leader
    But she wanna bring me down man she don't see I really need her even when she is around
    So I play it on the defense
    These other girls are callin' but I just get up for leavin'
    See I got her back but she thinks I'm changin' like the season
    So I'm on my defense
    Hope she isn't leavin' cuz I didn't need no past tense
    Can we just get past this still she on her defense
    Outlastin' this bad sense but she's tense and fuse burns like incense
    And looks are so deceivin'
    Cuz I am not a villian
    But my girl she's on her defense
    She thinks I'm gonna hop fence
    Cuz the grass is always greener and the change is so much meaner
    She think I wanna change up like I don't wanna see her
    She got me so mad but I swear I'll never beat her
    But she pushin' me away man is she wantin' me to leave her
    And these other girl's comin' like they wanna getta piece-a
    While the gettin's good, before I go to rich from hood
    But I'm just misunderstood
    But still she got her defense she think I'm lookin' for
    "Another girl..."
    "Got me feelin' like got me feelin' got me feelin' like"
    "Got me feelin' like..."

    Next topic: Marathon

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    [Topic: "Marathon"]
    (beat: 'Company Flow- Population Control')

    I run tracks.. and I make new records,
    this is 'from real to real' like cassettes y'all.
    I entered a marathon then fled from the arrogance,
    I'll still see you at the end line like lazarus .

    I've never even stopped to look back. not once.
    I take time on tracks but that's plan's for the long run.
    I've met many lessers and better competitors;
    I try for a personal best- they're irrelevant.

    I'm fueled by the thoughts of support when I get home..
    I'm driven by deep beats that leap from my headphones.
    I'm driven with vision and an actual purpose.. truth,
    a marathon runner.. but I handle the hurdles too;

    she set off.. stepped on the dead honor, then onward.
    I saw my reflection as it left in her sweat droplet.
    it's worth the exertion for better performance
    but we've all heard the one about the hare and the tortoise.

    copyright Christopher Osborne 2012.
    [next topic: technology]
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    Quote Originally Posted by _SBU View Post
    [next topic: technology]

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    [topic: technology]

    I remember reading Enlightenment thinkers who were right on the brink of discovering how "things" work
    some were bezerk, others a mere quirk, but the ones that stuck in the long run made things worse
    praises due to David Hume who raised epistemological problems faced when playing pool
    a few faint rebukes argued his claims undue, but this persuasive tool awoke from sleep great truth
    then Immanuel Kant spoke of imaginary lands where "ought implies can", leading to organized man
    but his intricate plans, polished by hand, were so sufficiently packed that people misunderstand
    next came Hegel who was labelled a haven for philosophical fakers who wanted something stable
    he was able to argue, through examples of labor and masters and slaves that freedom wasn't a fable
    alongside these philosophies came loads of new technologies, some of which were atrocities enabled by authorities
    honestly, it bothers me that such great ideas can possibly be used against and on cities causing deaths in massive quantities
    enter Heidegger's phenomonology:
    information was supposed to bring liberation, so we tried imitating this illustration
    but our configuration was at best a little aimless, yet continuation won until our dreams had been forsaken
    now all we do is use and abuse tools, no longer dream of freedom - just mass produce
    and as we become increasingly reliant, we're too decreasingly defiant of Das Man's semantic truth

    [next topic: obesity]

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    Great lyrics Venom'.
    Classy references and more importantly they're used well, not just name dropping for effect. Nice one.

    [topic: obesity]
    hmm, difficult topic to use creatively but I'm up for the challenge.. I'll give it a go. feedback pls.
    as always, copyright laws apply.

    (//Virus in the Belly of the Beast)

    ..sat in the cupboards whilst families struggle,
    we're stacked trash, trans-fats and atrophied muscles.
    our newborn babies are forcefed mcdonalds,
    our fat bank managers f*** skeletal models.
    we're hungry crows on dusty thrones of sunbleached bone.
    we're bees found drowned now the honey flows.
    an old vulture died in flight and fed the lions.
    we're weak beasts eating ourselves on desert islands.

    we're ravenous vegans and treasonous cannibals,
    we gave it some thyme like we seasoned the animals.
    excess flesh left blood in the floodwater.
    we're vermin nuturing young gut flora.
    lunged forward.. fastest first at feeding time:
    starving worms with carpet burn, we seek demise.
    abundance encumbers, I travel light..
    since hunger is sustentance I just feed the appetite..

    it's a speech preceeding a feast in the nunnery,
    eating it humbly but obesity's luxury.
    save them up and trade the crumbs for stale crusts..
    or for history books full of fat kings and failed ones.
    we came to hunt then share spare hunger,
    shed the flesh then wear their judgements.

    we're rations in the wagon of a world-weary general.
    we're aimless now angels save halos for vegetables.
    nature made babies with death and they spoonfeed 'em.
    godly quarrys vomiting half-chewed demons..
    take what you must and let life prove the leaders.
    now all new food's bound for enzyme museums.


    [next topic: plants]
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    Writin on my phone call it txt rap
    only free time in between class
    horticulture flow purple not black
    call me a vegan greens inna wrap
    eatin mushroom pizza trip all night
    mary jane in the AM make it light make it right
    They say trees let us breath
    neverless we still smoke em
    evergreen flow toke em never choke em

    Topic heaven

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    [topic: heaven]

    praise god for the hell of it ..questioning where heaven is and set to let the devil in,
    meddling serephim. fight for life since neither side survives to thrive in death's abyss.
    fallen angels bringing germs through,
    heaven's feathers spread like bird flu.
    live life right like virtues serve you..
    worldproof.. legacies are memories and wormfood. anything from nothing and back again.
    ...or bound for empty heaven, blackhole exploration.
    heaven's a vacuum, gods have got lab suits,
    hell is the cell where they set the dead rats loose.
    it's packed. it's a pact to attack and distract you,
    gods have got devils as guests in the back room.
    vines climbed to heaven with taproots in hell's depths, well fed but struggled and fell dead.
    I live in the middle with ghosts that sell flesh ..they sell selves 'til there's nothing but wealth left.
    the heathens heaved to breach heaven's haven..
    the angels looked down upon hell's entertainment.
    day eight.. heaven fell to earth and made a crater.
    gods got shot from the skies like space invaders.

    we're gone when we're gone and that gives life it's potence.
    there's never any use in postponing the moment.
    be open to closure, wont know when it's over,
    when all's said and done we'll be decomposers.
    spirit's ephemeral, visceral eminence, the here and now..
    where pasts collide with afterlives as we fizzle out.

    copyright christopher osborne 2012

    [next topic: sleep]
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    They say sleep is when the mind heals
    Cuz all day long you don't know how I feel
    But nevermind this, you don't have to stress
    You're prolly sleepin' in, you're prolly smokin' cess
    Well good for you bro, you prolly ain't a mess
    You prolly got your life together all hands on deck
    With your crew and your fam and nothin to the test

    Must be nice
    Cuz last time I got a full night's I really can't remember
    Probably back in my glory days way before November
    Now even in my sleep my day life haunts me so I can barely stand ta
    Put my head down, not enough time in the day
    Not enough words in the language that I can say
    Like I cannot get away like it's so constant
    I'm prayin for a pillow like my day will never end
    One AM sit toss turn up at six all over again
    Dear god, enough is enough
    I wanna crawl up in the sheets with my baby girl
    I wanna sleep away the days and forget this world
    I wanna sleep past ten and go to bed early
    I want that good drunk sleep crashin so surly
    No siree, not in this lifetime
    Sleep is for the dead, at least when I write rhymes
    I disconnect reality my only small break cuz I don't get no night time
    Stay up too late, get up too early, too much on my plate, not enough surely
    So right now I'm prayin for a lifeline
    And when the day starts I'm prayin for the night time
    It ain't always like this but I feel overwhelmed
    And sleep is a comfort but it's outta my realm

    Maybe on the weekend
    Maybe we can sleep in
    Until then, kid keep ya head up
    Cuz we ain't get no sleep and it ain't about to let up

    NEXT TOPIC: Transcend

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    I'd hang ten on the lands end; transcend.
    Free-fall through stakes of space and plant great hemp.
    Deface a mans benz, in total sobriety.
    To 'transcend' - I'd toss up my soul to society.
    Fit the mould supplied for me.
    Play along with games.
    Karate kick the moon out of place to bring stronger waves.
    Eclipse city lights, stop fights and 'dim' moods.
    You can hear, "the s**t was 'smooth!" on the six news..
    Kids snooze on 'smooth' like they hate 'themselves'.
    I'm used to transcending; like I'm changing shells..
    Transcending like grace of bells breaking the silence.
    It's the greatness in ones self that shapes defiance.

    The Lottery
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    Mm.. Life's crazy, know what I mean?

    It's kinda like...

    Just a few years ago we were ridin' the buses
    Smokin weed on the street hopin not to get busted
    Scopin stuck up girls they said we couldn't **** with

    Workin dead end jobs and runnin outta steam
    With crazy *** bosses who after our esteem
    People're hard to relate to like we 'unno what they mean
    School was outta scope, nothin but a dream
    We were straightup broke, nothin bout a CREAM
    Thought we were a joke like they bustin at the seams
    Scrappin together dough just to getta bagga weed

    Now look at our future, brighter then the stars
    Lookin' forward like oh my god
    They knew me back in high school but they'd've never guessed
    From rags to ****in riches to even greater success
    Feel like I hit the lotto, but YOLO ain't the motto
    Cuz we livin for tomorrow, puttin' in that work
    Til the fruits of our labor grow ripe like berserk
    And our cups overfloweth but we came up off the dirt
    I look to my past, old friends and old faces
    Some rest in piece, some in the same places
    They see me like damn homie what'd you hit the lotto
    Nah I just put in work got drive like auto
    Like all a' ya'll are hollow while you were sippin at the bottle
    I was findin winnin tickets, tell your girlfriend she can stick it
    Cuz I ain't got time, my work is my mind
    And my girl flossin she got mad style got the digits then I stash out
    Just like I hit the lotto and I'mma 'bout to pass out
    Milkin up the cash cow but it ain't about the cash now deuces to the haters homie I'm about to cash out

    NEXT TOPIC: in the club

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    er..ok. 'in the club' then, I suppose.

    [TOPIC: "in the club"]

    hey I love that beat and I recognise the sample..
    fresh, the level's right an' the treble's tightly mastered.
    with fam sat back chilling to check the flyest dancers,
    few drinks in then we step and try to charm 'em,
    with stellar twins like gemini; the better side of stardom,
    private performance, saved a set of mine for after.
    grinding 'jeans' together to a seminal remix like the method of breeding.
    ..ey ..make hers a pint of whatever's the second from cheapest.
    hah, nah just playin' girl you can have anything except for freedom.
    you can pick drinks from the shelf if I can check your breasts as you stretch to reach 'em.
    here with spirits feeling higher now, I'm down with lights and sounds and like the crowd.
    with time out to lie around, private lounge.. with Thais with no ties, an' no rivals 'round.

    I'm up in the club where we're all local celebrities..
    where every entity's an enemy or friend to me..
    the club owner's a once-sober blunt smoker I know well,
    he knows where to get the best dutch but he won't tell.
    his bro dealt, got shot and died so he won't sell,
    gives most of his own away for free with low wealth.
    I'd trust that cat above my own self..
    wouldn't back down from a battle 'til we both fell.
    fam puts on the best events of any club, they only play the freshest cuts,
    keeps trying to supply us free drinks when we're already drunk.

    there was this one girl sat in the back of the club reading comic books,
    making all kinds of crazy faces when the bass hit, I stopped and stood..
    wandered on over and asked her.. 'what's good?',
    she replied with silence then we shared a long look.
    the beat seemed to be the perfect backing track for shared thoughts.
    we'd heard enough, found a quieter spot to share more.


    [next topic: topics]

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    Some rappers talk about the sun, moon and stars
    Other rappers talk about the guns, hoes and cars
    Some keep it deep others not too far
    Some bight styles other mad fresh like bizarre
    But rap is kinda like life though
    Little bitta everything variety's the spice so
    Little bit bitter little bit spice woah
    A lot on my mind but I'm feelin' good tonight though
    Let's get it now

    Topics.. topics.. something.. tropic
    Third world country, tourists trap's a profit
    You eatin' like gourmet while other kids are starvin'
    Another bighta mean filet, you don't have a conscious
    Notha hitta purple weed you feel almost unconscious
    Pyschobabble not to me cuz I've no time for nonsense
    On my grind like every day so you can simply stop it
    And I do for the haver-nots cuz where I'm from is constant
    Even when I hit the top I swear I'll never drop it
    Topics.. topics... ya'll make me neurotic
    Tryin' not to pay no mind of bickerin' that's constant
    Cuz life is full of idiots who act like they on chronic

    Topics.. topics.. love to switch my style up
    If you do not feel my style I really do not give a ****
    Comin' to the table but you ain't puttin numbers up
    Skeet skeet shootin' I'm the shotgun you a duck
    Mother****, tumble tuck, ***** is straight on fire
    Heard you puttin' work in but your girl is up for hire
    Sad... really, style is silly
    Heard you leased your last car blastin' Weezy's Millie
    And if you wanna get strapped you can get to know the real me.. feel me?


    Tell me why you had to go
    I thought you'd never leave me
    Tell me you ain't satisfied I knew that you'd deceive me
    When other girls would love to try but never see the real me
    I swear I'd never tell another lie but she really don't believe me
    Thought I'd seen the darkest clouds but looks can be deceiving
    Thought that we were underground but lately in the evening
    Seems you always not around and it's kinda got me seething
    Tryina shake the feeling but my temper's to the ceiling
    Breathing... breathing...
    'Member when you told me you can hear my heart beating
    In the beats I wrote but really guess it's just concealing

    Jump in like I switch subjects
    Switch women switch cars eff it though she love it
    Or go in like you ain't breathin better not choke though
    Harder than Rambo, thicker than Sambo
    ***** blow so hard get that *** a snorkel

    Haha... prolly some of the most random **** I ever wrote but whatever though...


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