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    As i walk into the room it made it clear i was not welcome here theres nothing to cheer about
    when i cut a hole into your chest and rip out your heart
    well, its a start one death ain't enough im not satisfide with the results
    ill go through an entire horde of people in the streets
    as soon as im done ill the decap you then ill recap on how i ripped out your skull
    i'll then say "i'll put you with the others" and the rest ill shove a pole up ur ***
    and scare everyone away as the pass but for the last thing i have to do is....

    I'll take a blood bath after words you. will. feel. my. RATH.

    I'll take a blood bath after words you. will. feel. my. RATH.

    In my arsenal I got enough to beat russia and
    i got enough to make them rush ya to the hospital
    M16, G18, and even a semtex and my favorite a katana
    there no words to tell you how much i love this weapon so lets move on
    i walk into my thrown room also know the church
    i put a kings chair that'll be my purch
    out of a cup ill drink up your blood
    for breakfest AB+ for lunch O+ and for dinner and dessert a good old helping of
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    hmmm im not really sure if this hardcore enough hahaha, no but i like it keep writing. if your are going for hardcore you need darker feelings more hate and anger in them maybe a touch on the morbid or sadistic side maybe not as far gone as me though haha. oh and this site is really kinda like dead to me if you wanna see some really dark stuff and get alot of feedback on you stuff then look up this site. it is the same layout as this site but more people are on there and that means better feedback and look up Either TheLyricst Or Ben W. Beamon. Our **** can be harsh and dark and kinda go F*ck You At the same time.
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