"Thread-closing mania" on allthelyrics.com: it's getting too far

Thread: "Thread-closing mania" on allthelyrics.com: it's getting too far

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  1. pianoman74 said:

    Default "Thread-closing mania" on allthelyrics.com: it's getting too far

    Hello there,

    I've been a long-time user on here but these masses of closed threads are about to go a little bit too far here. I think I even know WHO is the moderator to always close a thread "under your butt" (and faster than you can say Jack Robinson, too!!), so when you want to add some useful information, you finish writing your post and then you get "Can't add answer - thread closed". But that's not just a handful; it's dozens per day, and I've really had enough of this now.

    Now, what can you do if a thread is closed?
    Right, you write a private message to the moderator that you please want your thread reopened.

    But what can you do if the moderator in question DISALLOWS PRIVATE MESSAGES?!
    It's cool: he can do his mischief every new day, but you can't even tell him he mistakenly closed one thread.
    It should actually not be permitted that moderators mass-close threads w/wilfully inhibiting users from giving any (obviously: negative) reaction by simply hermetically shutting down their private messages. That's not acceptable.

    And know that, I'm NOT going to beg for each thread reopening on THIS sub-forum, because I can't reach the moderator in question.

    Sorry for the harsh words, but I'm really sick and tired of watching good discussions get CHOKED by such arbitrary behavior (in last year's fall, it was still perfect!) and if that does not stop, I will possibly go as far as file a complaint to the administrator so that he just observe the one or the other from his staff a little more attentively, to see whether the one or the other happens to take his job a little bit too "seriously."
    Yes it has gotten too far now, so we're beyond the period of both patience and friendly wording.

    Let me give an example:

    - Why, WHY THE HELL WHY does this thread have to be closed?
    - Read it through carefully and you will find that most is just speculation. And you will find that for surname of the "so-called" artist there is no single relevant Google hit. That's why I wanted to add "Don't believe everything that people tell you on Yahoo Answers".
    I was almost finished, did some corrections here and there and *ZAPPP!* the thread was closed while I was writing.
    But for no obvious reason. Or, if there is a reason, anyone may try to convince me. (Good luck!)

    But that's not the only case! There were many, many other cases when I begged other moderators (than the one I suspect to be the chief thread-closing maniac on here) to reopen a thread - but I never got a reply! Great! So the only way out I see is to get some kind of regulation into, so that one person does not get all wonky with arbitrarily closing threads, but -- at least -- gets observed by at least one other moderator if the closing was sensible and justified.

    Sorry for the long post - but I just had to get this off my chest.
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  2. Tania ATL's Avatar

    Tania ATL said:


    Thank you for expressing yourself, Andy.

    It seems that this question was unclear, we have to add couple of lines concerning threads closure into moderation rules.
  3. pianoman74 said:


    Hello Tania,

    yes this sounds like a good concept. Thanks for the reply and your quick consideration that something got to be regulated here.