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    Glorious Queen said:

    Default Ali Ashabi - Mahshare Kobra

    Hello guys! Can anyone translate this Nawhe (or whatever it is ) please!

    And btw, what is the meaning of Mahshare Kobra?

    Thank you in advance

    میخونم عاشقونه از حسین
    میسوزم از غم و درد حسین

    میدونم قصه تشت طلا
    میمیرم واسه حسین

    از مردی میخونم که دلش دریا بود اما تشنه لبش
    چشمونش مثِل چشمه نور
    روشن بود روز و شبش

    وای بر ما، گشته کربلا محشرِ کبرا، ای خدا
    یا زهرا، زینبِ تنها، مانده در صحرای بلا
    آواره دخترِ مولا در پی بابا، کربلا
    وای بر ما، کشته شد سقا
    یا حسین مولا، ای خدا

    آقا جون، گلِ تو پژمرد، دلِ غریبی افسرد
    شاخه تکیده یاس، دم آخرم تبر خورد

    وای بر ما، گشته کربلا محشرِ کبرا، ای خدا
    یا زهرا، زینبِ تنها، مانده در صحرای بلا
    آواره دخترِ مولا در پی بابا، کربلا
    وای بر ما، کشته شد سقا
    یا حسین مولا، ای خدا
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    harir said:


    dear Mahshare kobra is used to explain Karbala

    mahshar is the doomsday and kobra is کبری
    you know its meaning better than me.

    in our literature and in our nowhes we use this word so much whenever the thing that we are speaking about is so bad and full of people also full of disaster.

    and Karbala is full of sorrow and disaster just like doomsday.
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    harir said:


    i sing amorously of imam hosssein

    (I) burn of his sorrows and pains

    i know the story of golden tub

    i die for imam hossein

    i sing of a man that had a heart like a sea(as vast and as good as the sea(a heart like a sea tells about a generous and merciful person)

    but he was thirsty

    his eyes were like the source of light

    his days and nights were bright

    shame on us/such a disaster; the karbala has become like Mahshar kobra(doomsday) oh GOD

    oh great zahra;great zeinab is alone in the desert of karbala

    the daughter of our Mola is homeless and looking for his father oh karbala

    such a disaster Sagha is killed(sagha is our imam's great brother who has the leathern bottle of water)

    oh great hossin oh Mola oh GOD

    great father your flower withered

    and a sorrowful heart became full of dumps

    the weary jasmine was killed by axe in the last moment(axe here is sword and weary jasmin is our great Imam that is injured)
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    Glorious Queen said:


    Thank you thank you thank you <3
    Im glad that I got it correct already its because its about Karbala which all we know the story! So sad one
    I'd love to see celebration of Muharram in Iran!
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    harir said:


    khahesh mikonam azizaaaaaaaaaaaam

    enshalla some day you come Iran in Muharram.
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    amaryn said:


    What is this celebration about, guys? Would you explain that to me, Glorious or anybody else?
  7. aydanur89 said:


    Karbala is a battle which took place on Muharram 10 (a month in Islamic calendar..meets October 10).
    The battle came into being between a small group of supporters of Muhammad's grandson Hussain
    and the forces of Yazid I,the Umayyad caliph whom Hussain refused to recognise.
    Hussain's all supporters were killed(even the women and Hussain's six-month-old infant)
    The dead were regarded as martyrs by Muslims and the battle is an important place in Shia history and Islamic literature also.
    The Battle of Karbala is commemorated during an annual 10-day period held every Muharram by the Shia as well as many Sunnis, culminating on its tenth day called Ashura.
    Shias believe Hussain's sacrifice was ordered by God and was necessary to awaken the ummah and stop Yazid hijacking Islam.
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    arsi said:


    is it ok to say celebration to it? :/
    My bestieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. aydanur89 said:


    no,actually it's better to say 'commemoration'...thx for touched a sore spot!
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    arsi said:


    exactly my point dustum :/
    My bestieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Glorious Queen said:


    Hi amaryn
    I'll try to tell you a brief

    Well, when imam Ali; the forth caliph rolled people, Muawiya ibn abi Sufyan refused allegiance to Ali and revolted against him. This resulted in armed confrontations between Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib and Muawiyah. At the death of Ali ibn Abu Talib, his elder son Hasan ibn Ali succeeded him but soon signed a treaty with Muawiyah to avoid further bloodshed. Muawiyah remained the ruler of Syria. Prior to his death, Muawiyah was actively plotting a major deviation from Islamic norms like drinking wine & many bad things considered haram (forbidden) according to Islam. He also established his son Yazid as the next ruler, hence establishing dynastic rule for the first time in Islam.
    This was a move which was considered unacceptable by many muslims including the younger son of imam Ali ibn Abu Talib, Hussein ibn Ali. Imam Hussain believed the appointment of Yazid as the heir of the Caliphate would lead to hereditary kingship, which was against the original political teachings of Islam. Therefore, he resolved to confront Yazid. Here comes the battle, in order to sucrify for the true Islam.

    The battle took place in Karbala (a big desert) located in Iraq. Karbala has a lot of names but this one is the most used & most famous. The name Karbala consists of two parts: Karb wa(and) bala'a.
    كربلاء = كرب و بلاء
    the meaning of Karb= sadness, bala'a= trouble. So its like saying Imam Hussain & his family will face troubles & sadness in this land.

    They arrived at Karbala on Muharram 2, 61 (October 2, 680). Obayd Allah ibn Ziyad (a leader who follows Yazid) appointed Omar ibn Sa'ad to command the battle against imam Hussain with a huge strong army. Omar's metion was to prevent the imam & his family from accessing water & not drink a single drop! So he blocked the Euphrate River.

    Umar ibn Sa'ad received an order from Ibn Ziyad to start the battle immediately and not to postpone it further. The army started advancing toward Hussein's camp on the afternoon of Muharram 9th. At this point Hussein sent Al-Abbas ibn Ali (his brother from another mother) to ask Ibn Sa'ad to wait until the next morning, so that he and his men could spend the night praying. Ibn Sa'ad agreed to the respite.

    On the night before the battle, Hussein gathered his men and told them that they were all free to leave the camp in the middle of the night, under cover of darkness, rather than face certain death if they stayed with him. None of Hussein's men defected and they all remained with him. Hussein and his followers held a vigil and prayed all night.

    On the tenth of Muharram, also called Ashura'a the battle started & the followers of imam was killed one by one until imam Hussain was alone! (Only his wifes, kides, his sisrer Zainab and some others of women remained).

    After imam killed a lot of the armies, he became very weak and stopped fighting. The soldiers approaching him gave up confrontation, seeing his position. One soldier, however, walked up to Hussein and hit him on his head with his sword. That was Shemr inbn Thi-Aljawshan whom was ordered to kill imam Hussain & cut his head from his body
    He sat on imam Hussain chest & hit his head 12 times until he separated the head from the body :'(
    then they separated heads from body of all imam's followers even his infant!!!!! After that started another tragedy where his sister Zainab, wife & kids were taken as prisoners.

    btw, imam Hussain son Ali ibn AlHussain whom was ill wasn't killed! Otherwise the lineage of the prophet Mohammed's family will be cut!
    Not to mention that Yazid thought about killing imam Ali ibn AlHussain but then didn't. Then he was exiled to Almadina Almunawara (in KSA)...
    Oh I, I want to go back to
    Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all
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    Glorious Queen said:


    A must watch
    The fist video is even more useful than the brief i ,mentioned above..

    1- A Simple story in English

    2- Aashura in Karbala where Imam was killed.. have a look on those millions lovers of imam
    Oh I, I want to go back to
    Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all
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    amaryn said:


    Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much, Glorious! This story is certainly not known to many in the Western world.
    You know that I defend tolerance, understanding and peacefully living together, different religions, different cultures, as the best way to
    make mankind survive. The more we know about eachother, the better therefore. It is not useful to be aggressive; it is dangerous to oppress
    people for their opinions. May we all help one another
    It makes me sad history is so full of violence and misunderstanding. Before and now