SOLVED: Videoclip of not so old metal song

Thread: SOLVED: Videoclip of not so old metal song

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    Question SOLVED: Videoclip of not so old metal song

    I don't know artist neither name of song, so I'll have to describe what I remember:

    So, the last time I saw it on TV is like 8 years maybe. Well,first half took place on surface and second when the singer or who caved in ground. There was half-growl singing when he was falling down. There was a lot of (green, abe-like?) monsters who always had only one organ from head. One only with eye, another with mouth and those with mouth sang, mostly the growl.

    My guesses: From start I thought it was coming undone/going under and so one, because of things I remembered but of course, it were not. Then I thought it's another song by Korn, wasn't. I also tried to search in offspring videoclips. No results.

    One last memory: It was from time when I wasn't much into metal, so the videoclip had to be really good. It was even in TV called čko (something like MTV, but in our country) so in its age it must be popular.

    Thanks a lot for every clue, ideas etc., Vashut

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    I had to look by myself because noone had a clue. So finally found it:
    Had to search in old metal list because Korn doesn't have this in their anymore.