spoken : I don't wanna be a good boy now
time to grow up MOTHER****ERS!!!!!

I'm just so sick and tired of this,
all the damn meddling and ****.
Your seeking a total control
that will make me unwhole.
screw my integrity
make way for superiority
I知 a free man now
see you wondering how...


get out my way ****er
I'm a bad man now
there's no taking orders, not from you any more!
I'll bend you over backwards
and **** you around
I want you to fear me, I知 a bad man now!

No more being pushed around
I stand up and stare you down
your hold on me is broken
mercy you've forsaken
prepare to meet you're maker
I知 the shackle breaker
you cannot comprehend
the beginning of the end


bow down mother ****er
on your knees now
you made your last move, from now on beware!
Brace yourself for me
I come fast and low
I can see the fear, i'm the bad man now!

Yes I'm.....!
I'm the Bad Man Now!!!!
That's Right!!!!
I'm the Bad Man Now!!!!

watch your back mother ****er
I知 a'comming for you
yeah the bad man is here, your time is through!
You cannot prepare
for this righteous shitstorm
I can safely say the Bad Man he doesn't mourn!
Not for You!!!!
I'm the Bad Man Now!!!!
Yes I'm.....!
I'm the Bad Man Now!!!!
don't forget mother ****er I知 the Bad Man now!