spoken : your ghost

what did man say to the Minotaur
a creature like this never seen before
with the head of a bull, the legs of a man
slip into sleep and dream if you can
listen to the song that he sings
feel your ghost float like a bird on the wing


Listen to the tune being played by Pan
you get the head rush and a vein goes bang
wondering alone in the fog
the reaper he follows the scent like a dog
silently your ghost is slipping away
the mind it rots, the flesh decayed


I'll take your ghost
make it mine
I ascend from life divine
you descend
in to the pits
your ghost has been ripped to bits
slave to me
listen now
all I seek is control!
The path is clear
I dominate
your ghost I will annihilate!

spoken : here he is... your ghost.