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  1. Tomatomic said:

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    this is something a little different not so much lyrics more of a soliloquy as it were with a few lyrics tied in. a product of anger and boredom, a dangerous combination i might add........... feedback is appreciated but not really needed for this

    spoken : I once heard someone say
    ďboy, you all ****ed up inside.
    Maybe you should, you know, call it quits
    while youíre ahead man, you know, cos
    you don't wanna go out on a **** note.
    Don't waste you time here. Head for the quite life.
    I can see you there. Quite life thatís what you should
    look for. No more of this. Just leave it dude before
    you fall and don't get up. You hear me?Ē
    **** em.

    I'm not hear to listen I'm just hear to do
    I don't care a **** about **** like you
    get up get out, **** out of my life
    see that broken bottle? See the butchers knife?
    Get the **** out!!!!

    spoken : so I told him straight, **** off
    you'll never put me to grass
    I'm not a ****ing horse that you throw
    away like a used Johnny, **** you dude,
    you hear me? I'll never stop, not in a million years
    when the sun dies, the world ****s up
    and you are dead and buried, you see?
    I'll be here. **** you.

    Nobody listens to what you ****ing say
    you're ignored each and every day
    screw you you **** I donít ****ing care
    shut up get out, Iíll **** you up right here
    shut the **** up!!!!
  2. Doug Denslowe's Avatar

    Doug Denslowe said:


    Like I said before,I thought Walking Contridiction was dark,but this takes the cake.......and it tastes Good!!!!!I love your poetry,I'd take alot of imagination to put to music.But,what do I know.....I'm only a drummer!!!!
  3. Tomatomic said:


    dude you've got more musical talent than me for sure, I only just qualify as a vocalist. if you've got the talent then you can do what ever the **** you want with it and make it good at that. it's funny actually the first musician to comment on anything I've written is a drummer and i haven't met a single one at uni. what are the chances!