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  1. Tomatomic said:

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    i think this is my best work so far but as always constructive criticism please!!!!

    The end of days,
    none are saved
    man has raved for years.
    False deity true
    rules over you
    the root of all our fears.

    But listen to me
    when the sky bleeds
    the truth will come
    smashing through the dark like a storm.
    You'd better believe
    Iíve planted the seeds
    and you will all be reborn
    when the sky bleeds.

    You cant comprehend,
    but you depend
    on false tales to get you through
    depression comes
    you're the only one
    a bullet just meant for you

    please hear my plea
    cut through the misery
    you're the deceiver,
    the white rose with the hidden thorn
    you'll come to me
    in a lonely sea
    the darkest before the dawn
    Oh when the sky bleeds.

    Oh the sky is bleeding now
    can you see it pouring down
    feel it sink into your skin
    bloody rain marks your sin

    you're wanted, forsaken
    nothing left to do
    lonely is your plague
    forget it we're through
    when the sky bleeds.
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    Doug Denslowe said:


    Wow,I thought Walking Contridiction was dark,but you've got me beat by a mile.Good work Tom,plus I love your user name.Anything with the word"atomic" in it.I used to love the band name "Atomic Rooster",Ronnie Woods' first band.When i read "end of days"it reminded me of Diablo Diane another song I posted.So.......if your work reminds me of my own work,I think your on the right track and a personal favorite.Good work,keep on rocking!