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  1. Tomatomic said:

    Default welcome to Hell

    10,000 miles underneath the ground
    this is where the dead be cavorting
    don't need morals, leave em' all behind
    they get in the way of the whoring

    we'll make you taste it then spit it out
    deep down below hear us scream and shout

    welcome to Hell
    this is where it's at
    yeah my brother, welcome to Hell
    welcome to Hell
    mosh your fears away
    come on sweet sister, welcome to Hell

    smell the sweet odour of fun and death
    what we give is so god-damn addicting
    you could count on the fingers of one hand
    those who call this heaven boring

    we'll give up a little then take it away
    until you adore this whole ****ing place

    welcome to Hell
    there's so much more
    smile dear sister, welcome to Hell
    welcome to Hell
    it's easy to score
    enjoy it all brother, welcome to Hell

    go ****ing wild!!!!

    spoken : hey, what's that?
    No, **** you Big Man
    we're having fun down here
    Damnation? This is what
    damnation is? Fun? Aw hell yeah
    come on mother ****ers!!!!!!

    welcome to Hell
    there's no respite
    you look tired friend, welcome to Hell
    welcome to Hell
    this is where you stay
    for ever and ever, welcome to (scream) HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Doug Denslowe's Avatar

    Doug Denslowe said:


    Wow,Atomicdude sounds like you've been there a time or two!Thanks for your reply on tags,nobody seems to know.I do know we got them next to our posts.I guess it's a brotherhood.Did you run into Diablo Diane on your last visit?(to Hell)Doug