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  1. Tomatomic said:

    Default worm.

    what am I? I don't know
    how can I get through life all on my own
    sometimes I feel, like a pest
    a broken shell of a man, forgotten and so depressed
    when I take a second to look deep within
    and I see that I'm truly alone.
    now I see that the creature inside of me
    makes me so alone, alone, Alone.
    I am a worm
    a useless worm
    what to do? how do I lie?
    I look at you and smile and say everything is fine
    when I drink, my life away
    the pain is etched on my face every single day
    I don't have time to look deep within
    proving that I am completely alone
    how can I stand this thing in me
    making me so alone, alone, Alone.
    becoming a worm
    just a ****ing worm

    can you please help get this out of me
    all it brings is death pain and misery
    i really do not want to live to see
    life continue to make a fool out of me
    I'm scared, of remaining a worm
    a soulless worm
    a dying worm
    i just don't want to be... a worm.
  2. Doug Denslowe's Avatar

    Doug Denslowe said:


    Wha......no Metal Lyrics?Seriously,Atomic One,everybody's alone.Dealing with the fact that IT'S OKAY and not force yourself to "Find the Answer".There is no answer,only questions.Just keep on,keeping on.This poem/song reminds of a combination of Walking Contridiction and my poem/song T.V.Quoting from T.V."Things get better,Wait and see,Change the channel,on your T.V."Doug
  3. Tomatomic said:


    think more along the lines of gritty marilyn manson antichrist superstar stuff