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  1. Tomatomic said:

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    flakes of skin fall from us
    sink to the ground becoming dust
    littering the floor they feed the mites
    strip us down. strip us of sight

    I - am Peeling now!
    **** - this falling down
    SCRATCH - away the fear
    no-one sees the truth
    scream away my last years
    peel the epidermis away
    what's left? NOTHING!!!!

    blackened nails claw the skin
    rend the flesh, soon blood spills
    skin and blood blend with dirt
    stripping away all pain and hurt

    WE - are peeling now
    NO - more trusting you
    RIP - away the hate
    they're blinded by fear
    life has sucked all the joy from me
    peel the epidermis away
    what's left? Nothing! NOTHING!
    I am NOTHING!!!

    Peeling back the epidermis
    take a look inside
    nothing but an empty casket
    ashes left to lie
    underneath the epidermis
    lies a man bereft
    demons animate his being
    of himself nothing is left.
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    Which lyrics are the chorus?Just wondering!
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    2 and 4