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  1. harir's Avatar

    harir said:

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    hello.I need some expressions for my exam but i cant find spanish expressions.

    plz translate these to spanish.tnx in advance.

    add fuel to the flame

    rub salt into one's wound

    burn one's bridges

    burnt child dreads the fire

    roll up one's sleeves

    drag one's feet

    duck soup

    dyed in the wool

    eagle eye

    easy come;easy go

    make a mountain out of a molehill
    اون نمیدونه که من یه اسیر خسته ام/از بد حادثه هم روبه روش نشسته ام
    بیا دستمو بگیر توی باغچه ها بشون /گل اشکمو بچین با من اشنا بمون
  2. mexico62 said:


    Hello harir, I know these are some sayings, in spanish "dichos" o "refranes", I did some changes cause we don´t use some of them
    and others have changes in the words:

    add fuel to the flame.- agregar combustible al fuego (say something that makes things worst)

    rub salt into one's wound.- poner sal en la herida (same as the previus)

    burn one's bridges.-quemar los puentes (in México we say "quemar las naves", as Hernán Cortez did, (Burt his ships when arrive to México)
    for something you won´t go a step back)

    burnt child dreads the fire.- el niño quemado teme al fuego (I think we don´t use it)

    roll up one's sleeves.- arremangar sus propias mangas (I think we don´t use it)

    drag one's feet.- arrastrar los pies (we don´t use it) instead we say "andarse por las ramas" meaning "go around hanging on the branches"

    duck soup.- Litterally is "sopa de pato", (we don´use it) in spanish would be "pan comido" meaning "eated bread"

    dyed in the wool.- literally would be "teñido en la lana" (I think we don´t use it)

    eagle eye.- ojo de águila (I don´t know if it have a moral message)

    easy come;easy go.- fácil viene, fácil va

    make a mountain out of a molehill.- hacer una montaña de una topera (we don´t use it) in spanish we say
    "hacer una tormenta en un vaso de agua" make a storm in a glass of water"

    you can use too:

    All that glitters is not gold.- No todo lo que brilla es oro

    an eye for an eye a teeth for a teeth.- ojo por ojo y diente por diente

    Don´t look a gifted horse in the mouth.- a caballo regalado no se le ve el diente

    As you can see, most of them, don´t have a direct translation, because as popular sayings people try to make them rhyme.
    Hope this can help you I did my best, if it´s not good enough, please send more phrases, and with pleasure we will help you.
    Saludos desde México.
  3. mexico62 said:


    Hello again harir, I found some more sayings:
    instead "roll up one´s sleeves", we say "rascarse con sus propias uñas" (scratch with one´s nails),
    meaning to do what you need by yourself, no needing to depend on someone.

    an apple a day keeps doctor away - A diario una manzana, es cosa sana

    Saludos desde México otra vez.
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    xiurell said:


    add fuel to the flame.-

    We use to say "añadir leña al fuego" literally "to add wood (firewood) to the fire"
  5. mexico62 said:


    Yes, you are so right, thanks xiurell, hope we find more sayings, they are good popular wise help to everybody. saludos