i don't even know where the inspiration for this came from.................enjoy and comment

she was a pretty girl
with eyes as bright as day
hair like flaxen sunshine
now soaked in blood spilled yesterday
the skin was pale and smooth
but now it's been torn away
look at her and see the sinful
beast that comes your way

(whispered Falling x 10)
when you turn your back - on who and what you are -
I can see the pain that made you run so very far.
you cant hide from me forever now you're the blackened star.

He was a handsome boy
with eyes a haunting green
tall and lean with muscled arms
he hangs from the wooden beam
now he's stooped and broken
lost in his misery
scars etched in his hands betray
the horrors that he has seen

(whispered Changing x 10)
when you reject your breeding you fall into the light
the soul is a fickle thing full of pain and hate and spite.
The blackened star becomes you give yourself a fright.

Now their forged to together
skin bonded as hard as steel
never to stray apart, they move
erratically as the wheel
the hands crooked and black
just like the sin they will reveal
I feel it coming in my bones
the end of all, just surreal

(whispered Dying x 10)
now they're lost and gone a walker in the rain
stalkers of the weak and poor the young that loose their way.
Just like a blackened star they gave right into pain.