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    Talking Ciao, ho bisogno di più recente musica Italiana

    Ho bisogno di nomi di canzoni in italiano,Canzoni che sono successi in Italia ,Estate del 2012 grazie

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    Try "cercavo amore" by Emma, seems to be pretty popular these days.
    Here are the lyrics:

    I don't know how man italian songs there are in the "official" top ten, but here is an all-italian hit parade:

    And the top album played on Radio italia, there is no singles chart though:
    "-Please tell me you're going to appeal to my humanity..."
    "-Actually, I'm planning to threaten you."

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    I made a playlist at youtube: These are the songs I heard the last two months all the time at the radio, especially RDS, while cleaning mobile homes I'm afraid that "Tu mi porti su" will be connected to cleaningmaterials all my life

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    Ciao Pimos! Tra le rivelazioni dell'estate 2012 c'è il grande ritorno di Matteo Amantia, ex voce della band Sugarfree, ora in rapida ascesa come cantante solista con il brano STAR, già in testa alle classifiche musicali italiane. Il video è online su youtube sul canale ufficiale Matteo Amantia Music. Buona estate!

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