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  1. choirmistress said:

    Default Please help me find hebrew lyrics

    Title: Ya'alat Chain
    Tune: Israeli traditional (Sabbath hymn)
    Singer (of the only version I have, in cassette format): Rochel Miller
    I have all the words as best as I was able to make them out with my tinnitus-related hearing loss, but I would like them confirmed, and also would appreciate knowing of any additional verses' worth of lyrics.


    Ya'alat chain, b'tam uzi tasmicheini, / Uvalaila, uvalaila b'toch cheikeich tasiveini. [2X.]
    Uvalaila, uvalaila, uvalaila b'toch cheikeich tasiveini. [Repeat with higher melody.]

    Mimitzrayim, mimitzrayim g'altani, / V'gal edna, v'gal edna, v'gal edna tasimeini. [2X.]
    Uv'gal edna, uv'gal edna, uv'gal edna, v'gal edna tasimeini. [Repeat with higher melody.]
    [Repeat and fade.]

    Thanks in advance for any info on these lyrics.
  2. RudyG said:


    Is this the one?

    I think it's actually pronounced A'yelet Hen. (אילת חן)
    I think Ya'alat Hen is a different expression. (יעלת חן)

  3. choirmistress said:


    Thanks, Rudy, for both the effort and the audio/video version, but it's not the one. Both the tune and most of the words are a different song altogether. And the title is definitely "Ya'alat Chen" and not "Ayelet Chen". I am aware of various songs using "Ayelet", but "Ya'alat" is what Rochel Miller sings.

    Thanks again, though, for trying.