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  1. Tomatomic said:

    Default Scars

    Flow across the skin
    You're so pretty still
    Don't do it again
    You don't deserve this pain

    I can't can't understand what you're going through
    but I implore you to not do this any more
    your so terrified of the things that you feel
    please don't do it for you, and don't do it for me
    please don't add to these scars.

    Cut you so deep
    Feel while you sleep
    We love you so
    Please just say no.

    your friends are behind you every step of the way
    no matter what you go through, we'll never leave you to die
    I wish I could save you from this cruel hard place
    friends forever will be your constant solace
    I just ask why? Why do you add to these scars?

    We love you
    never leave you
    I swear to God!
    You're so strong
    stronger than you know
    survivor you are
    please just kill
    all these scars.
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    Frankie Jasmine said:


    @Tomatomic: OK, this is the second song of yours I've read. This one is really good too (although Mother of Gein is so complex, yet so excellently done). Not only is SCARS a well-done song, with very meaningful lyrics . . . But I also like the meaning it conveyed to me:

    So many people are 'cutters.' There are no 'cutters' who do not have deep, personal emotional pain. The pain brings on the cutting. Cutting releases endorphins which temporarily numb the emotional pain along with the physical pain. That is how cutting becomes an addiction--a nearly endless cycle of 'cutting' because of past figurative and physical scars . . . Then further inficting abuse upon oneself which causes additional scarring . . . pretty much re-traumatizing/re-abusing an already battered self. But the chemical release makes it 'worth it' to the 'cutter'. I try to help people who have loved ones who are 'cutters' to understand why/how the cycle begins (not professionally--just as I meet different people who are confused and helpless over their loved ones who cut).

    You handled your subject openly, but not indulgingly. Thank you for that. You described the pain, old scars, new scars one experiences. But this is no Emo song. You created these very positive, believable, loving, and warm counter-verses . . . Expressions of true caring, love, deep concern . . . to pull the one in pain away from their scars/scarring . . . welcoming them into a safe and healing world.

    I do realize you may not have been specifically refering to 'cutting.' But that is immediately where my mind went. "Scars" could apply to any form of scars from trauma.

    I don't know. I can't say it as well as I feel it.

    I think I'm gonna like most of your songs! You are really talented!
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  3. jzon said:


    WOW!!!!! This song blew me away!!! Great piece of writing.