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    Exclamation Nothing

    Sorry. Nothing.
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    Zakynthos, this is a political issue, and I'm not a politcally-oriented person, so I hope you do not mind my comment.

    What I can say is that while we were in Florida two years ago, I made friends first with some children who were on the beach collecting shells . . . then I met their parents. The whole family was beautiful, warm, friendly, kind, and loving within their family. The young wife said that they are from Macedonia. We had occasion to talk to them from time to time during their week's stay. Conversation was just normal--about families, cultures, etc. I have nothing political to say. I just noted that they seemed happy overall, and happy to be from Macedonia.

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    @Zakynthos O my godness Alexander the Great? Are we discussing a person who lived over 2 000 years ago... In fairness he was a great man and I don't care whether he was Greek, Macedonian or Chinese. Have you lived 300 BC to know who was who and who lived where. I believe ancient history is magical it has always been for me. It's partly speculation, partly mystery and it was always my interest. There are only few solid facts and people will be still arguing about it. It is the same with Troy which archeologist are still trying to locate.

    Actually not all the people in Macedonia are Slavs but it is different matter...

    Actually this thread should have been named a Historical issue.

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    Thread closed after user Zakynthos request
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