Can you tell me the english name of this song ?

Thread: Can you tell me the english name of this song ?

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  1. John Dragu said:

    Default Can you tell me the english name of this song ?

    Hello. Can you tell me the English name of this song, that starts here, at 04:10 min :

    Планета ТВ

    2 години "Planeta HD" - част 2

    Can you tell me if I can watch online "Planeta Tv" or another chalga(and bulgarian pop mjusic) music tv station

  2. John Dragu said:


    Usually I copy paste the name of a song but this time I did not find it written, so I could not copy it. I know It did appear on the video but my keyboard does not have Bulgarian letters.
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    mariusmxm said:


    Tedi Aleksandrova i Gumzata - Luboven apogei

    And to watch Planeta TV online make an account on
  4. John Dragu said:


    That was fast. Thanks again. I tried to register on but It does not accept my email. It said that my e-mail adress is not valid (I tried 2 yahoo accounts and one account.)
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    Frankie Jasmine said:


    We now have a Techno-pro now at ATL named Teshka. I will refer her to your thread. Perhaps she will have an answer or a lead.
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    Teshka said:


    I don't know how much help this will be, but i believe in English it is Love Apogee....and i believe that in this case the word "apogee" means the highest point or the peak. So the song title means like the highest point of love.

    also found the same song and video on youtube

    PS, i don't know Bulgarian and only a little Russian, so i just hope that i was helpful in some way.
    great song!!
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