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    Default can someone please translate this to english

    seria bueno de q la dejan ver pero muncha jente no les importa cmo sufre uno,hasta hechan mentiras para qdar bien con la familia,y la misma familia desprecia ah nuestra familia,y luego hay personas q si qren q uno konoska los bebes pero con lo menos la nina de juan si vamos a poder berla, y la otra pos solo si dios es grande y hace un milagro odio esa huera por hecharle mentiras para qdar me muero y nunka la konosko vengo por la fukin mentirosa

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    It would be good if they let us see her, but a lot of people doesn´t care about our pain, they even say lies to be in good relations with our relatives, and our own relatives despise our family, and some people want that we meet the babies, but at least we will be able to see juan´s little girl, and the other one, only if God is great and make us a miracle. I hate that blond woman, cause she says lies to be in good relations. If I die and never can meet her I will come back to take away that f... liar

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