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  1. mcblac said:

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    It all started with tha western world//
    cults freemason tha devil world//
    *****z dearin steppin on tha devils playgroung//
    how pro-found,lusifa now incontroll of their world//
    harsh,the bowing down to his every sound//
    insanity total madness,they now serving tha king of darkness//
    hip hop artist leading tha park//
    while we ignorantly pumb our heads to each of their tracks//
    innocently but willingly its like we ready to bear tha tripple six mark//
    how now,their music we claim to food to our soul//
    how foul,we no different from 'em all//
    but enough is enough,tha truth be told//
    n tha lies behind tha so called celebs be unfold//
    n if have to then i will shout it loud//
    spit tha truth n i need no aploud// done wit verse one
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  2. mexico62 said:


    Hi mcblac, I must say that I only know from the Iluminti from the movie "The Da Vinci Code", but I promise you that I will try to investigate a little to be able to comment properly your lyrics, but I wanted to ask you if hip hop is the rhythm you think for this song, because you mention it in a line, Thanks for sharing and I will try to analyze and read carefully as soon as I know more about those men. Thanks for sharing and make us investigate, is good to learn more.
  3. mcblac said:


    Hi,mexico62 of course hip hop is the rhythm n am talkin' bout a certain cult.
    I don't give a **** of what people think 'bout me, amma do me always
  4. smoothtung's Avatar

    smoothtung said:


    I like the theme of this I've always been big into the Illuminati theory. (although I personally think you have the wrong idea of who they actually are and what they control) there really isnt a way to be sure or to find confirmation, so to eaches own. But as far as the content, I like the theme from line to line but I think the rhyme scheme needs alittle work. Maybe hop over to the 'rap lyrics restricted' sub-forum (where I hang out most of the time) and just check things out. Maybe ask us for help? Seeing as we are more experienced in that field.
    Good job though and take care
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    Johnb31 said:


    I like the theme of this, I usually write songs to where I don't say illuminati but they have the some kind of effect as yours. The only thing I would love to see in this like maybe in a 2nd verse would be confusion like write it to where the reader can feel the confusion setting in. The people are being brain washed and everything they have known is lost. Try to weave that idea through your writing that everyone has become mindless sheep. I like how u used the media cause that is exactly what controls us today everything revolves around media, and it's exactly how people's minds will and are being twisted, and prepared.
  6. mcblac said:


    @smoothtung i will definatly do so and @ johnb31 i will keep your advice in mind when writting tha 2cd verse
    I don't give a **** of what people think 'bout me, amma do me always