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    Default IMPORTANT. Rap Lyrics Review introduction.

    All are encouraged to join in, regardless of experience level or taste in writing styles.
    You can post your original rap lyrics here or join any of the event threads such as playful battle rap sessions and set topic cyphers.

    This forum section was previously closed down because forum rules were ignored, so please take a moment to read the forum rules and post responsibly.

    On behalf of the entire community, I urge you to read the work of your fellow lyricists and give useful feedback.
    Please aim to make at least two feedback posts to balance against each lyrical post you make. We all have a lot to learn from each other, interacting can aid the community's growth and your own growth as a writer.

    If anybody needs any guidance or rap writing advice, you should find there to be plenty of diversely skilled writers here who would be happy to help.
    Our friendly moderating team can be contacted via PM.
    Thanks for reading, enjoy your rap review forum and feel free to suggest or make different types of event threads as you see fit.

    -Chris. ATL Rap Lyrics Review Moderator.
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