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    I have a question for people who write with beats or instrumentals playing in the background, or maybe in your head.

    Being a drummer I find that when I'm writing lyrics to beats the flow comes quite naturally, having studied and learned how to play fairly complex beats on the instrument helps to recognize the limits of the numbers of syllables you can realistically use, I think. I was wondering if other people write the lyrics first and then alter / adjust to the beat, or do you write the lyrics specifically to match the beat with a flow in mind?
    I write to textural/ambient stuff and frequently check the lyrcis against a simple beat. Then I record the first vocal take completely dry, no beat or metronome. Then my producer writes music for it, taking the lyrical rhythm into consideration. Then I record the proper vocal take to the newly created music track, which is then finished off after they're put together. Final touches are made to the whole.
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    always useful to keep on top of current events. read a lot. I try to read at least 1 book a month on history, philosophy, mythology, etc. just something so that I can keep my references fresh and gives me a whole new load of metaphors and similes to make.

    current events is the main though, if you want to be 'real' and relate to people these days.
  3. Levi Pruett said:

    Default rapper names

    Is twistaa pruett any good. Or is a rapper name necessary..... I feel like it's the missing part of my rap game. Do you have a rappername???? How do they come up?
    Twista Prueit
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    Yeah Twistaa Pruett is fine. Levi Pruett sounds good too- I actually prefer that. Go with whatever you like though; if anyone tries to tell you that anything's "necessary" in terms of art and personal preference, be deeply skeptical.

    I go by Stillborn Unicorn. I chose it about 15 years ago or thereabouts, because I liked the sound of it- dark and quite unusual, and with a mythological aspect. Apparently there's a metal band with the same name, but I'd been using the name since before they formed, so, meh.. nevermind. I suppose it wouldn't be widely liked as a rap name, but I'm quite sure that I don't give a damn about that. Rap's just a passion of mine- personal and not a mass market kind of thing to me.

    During my current reboot of my whole rap thingie, I did rather want to go by my actual given name. My producer and some friends talked me out of that though.
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    I'm losing this battle on that other page with you sbu. I get crushed by you.... I can admit it
    Twista Prueit
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    Oh, I dunno. I don't really aspire to winning rap battles or beating other writers or anything like that. It's all down to subjective preference anyway. Thanks though, I appreciate it.