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    Default Trasnlate lyrics and lyrics request.

    Would someone be kind enough to post the russian lyrics to Fjordi's song "Ветер" as well translate it to english.
    Here is the link to the song.

    Fjordi – Ветер

    Thank you for your time.
    Translate this lyrics please. i do not have the russian ones either.
    the other thread with fjordi's other song got closed and the forum wont let me post another post because its evidently the same request. even though I am asking for russian lyrics/translation for another one of fjordi's song. I hope my previous threads are deleted.
    if anyone would like any english lyrics let me know maybe i'll have luck finding the english lyrics.

    PS: to the Admins Please delete my previous posts (i do not know how to do so) I do not want the posts to be repeated over and over. i just want the lyrics (russian/ translate to english of this song.

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    Fjordi Veter (Wind)

    И мне твой город снится каждую ночь
    Я собираю в бусы радугу, дождь
    В тот день, когда я вернусь, ты меня ждешь

    Мне мое сердце подскажет, где тебя найти
    И ты узнаешь однажды, что нам с тобой по пути
    Всё остальное неважно, я научилась летать, смотри

    Дай мне свою руку,
    Я теперь твой друг, ветер
    За тобою следом,
    Вместе с первым снегом

    Дай мне свою руку,
    Я теперь твой друг, солнце
    И когда проснемся,
    За тобой вернемся

    Моя дорога ввысь, я не боюсь высоты,
    Я научилась летать в комнатах пустых
    Я научилась мечтать, я научилась - а ты?

    В моих ладонях солнце взлетает до небес,
    Мимо сонных прохожих в волшебный край чудес
    И этот город тоже, он пусть останется здесь

    And your city I see everynight in my dreams
    I gather to my bead rainbow, rain
    On the day I'll come back, you wait for me

    My heart will give me a hint me where to find you
    And once you'll know that we're on the same way
    Everything else doesn't matter, I've learned to fly, look at me

    Give me your hand,
    Now I'm your friend, wind
    Following you,
    With the first snow

    Give me your hand,
    Now I'm your friend, sun
    And when we wake,
    We'll come back for you

    My road goes up, I'm not afraid of the heights,
    I've learned to fly in empty rooms,
    I've learned to dream, I've learned - and you?

    In my hands the sun flyes up to the sky,
    Past sleepy passers-by to the fairy land
    And this city too, let it stay here.

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