[solo chorus]
you're the reason why i'm
down down
cuz you've left me all
alone alone

[verse 1 -rap]
you made me madly fall in love with ya
then you've started acting all differently
I still don't understand why you doing this with me
I saw you making out with another man
and every time I see you with him the pain i feel no words can explain
back when you were with me I used to feel so strong
but now it feels like everything in my world has gone wrong
you say he is just a friend,
girl please stop lying
I can't take this **** again
you've broke me into pieces and I'm going insane
I was so blind in your love couldn't see you were cheating on me
girl is this what you give for being so true?
can't believe your love was never true
when I was even ready to give my life for you
now all my my love in my heart has turned into hate so i hate you
hate everything thats between us two
I don't wanna be with you no more
[/verse 1]

[group chorus]
you're the reason why i'm down
the reason why i'm down
the reason why i'm down..
cuz you've left me all alone
you've left me all alone
you've left me all alone..

[verse 2 - rnb]
you were.. never.. worth my tears
still.. I.. cried for you
I.. was.. such a fool
yes It was my mistake
to put on all my faith
and let you break it down
why did i fell in love
why every word you said
seemed always true to me
and now you're cheating me
how could you do this to me
[/verse 2]

[verse 3 - rap]
why me[echo]

have you ever thought how I'm living with this
you really did it to me and its hard to believe
you hid all you're lies behind your smile
its hard to fight these feelings but I'll still survive
I know I'm strong nuff now to let you go
but the scars you've left me with will never heal
and I hate you for everything you ever did
you're so mean, and I know you'll always be like this
but its already enough so I'm leaving you free
I've burned all your pics so no more memories
you left me broken like pieces of glasses
and I'm done with your ****
ur love was like a disease and I'm trynna get over it
every feelings between us is long dead and gone
so I don't "wanna be "with you no more
[/verse 3]

[group chorus]

[solo chorus]

Lyrics of one of my songs. I'd like to know what ya'll think about the lyrics.