just got rid of my tape collection from 20 years ago (used to tape them from Finnish radio), but couldn't identify any of these songs. since many don't have any lyrics, searching via lyrics yielded no results. however I think these tunes kick @$$ even 20 years later and I'd love to find out the names of the artists and tunes. can any of you identify any of these? here they are:

1) http://youtu.be/NkALFkK3sM4

2) http://youtu.be/1KUZ6Mmgygo (this is italo instead of techno but unidentified nevertheless)

3) http://youtu.be/piZt1CoWPzY

4) http://youtu.be/KiRC3Pr18QI (the first few seconds are LA Style but then an unidentified tune)

5) http://youtu.be/FdM8CXif7tI (a Terminator 2 inspired techno tune)

6) http://youtu.be/lCYu4nlytkg

7) http://youtu.be/KR71chPSLpU

8) http://youtu.be/MET3XayZTrU (I think this is N-Joy but I can't seem to pin down the tune)

9) http://youtu.be/OkvP7xvX0Mw