Hey there!

So I'm searching for a song that I used to hear in the 2000's... it might have been created earlier than that, but at least during the time I've been alive it was most popular in the mid 2000s most likely.

I can't remember the artist and I can't remember the name of the song or even how it sounds, I only vaguely remember the lyrics and they were kind of creepy.

Basically it was about this couple watching the sunset/sunrise and the girl is sitting on the hood of the car. It sounded like they were supposed to be in high school and it was after or before the graduation ceremony of graduation day and I also vaguely think they were watching from a cliff (but this whole sentence could be details I put in or added myself, it's been such a long time.) Anyway, as I was saying, they're sitting watching the sunset/sunrise, and presumably the guy is in the car. As they're watching the sun go up or down, he suddenly puts the car into ignition and drives off, the girl falling off the car, and presumably dying...? The song doesn't sound at all creepy, in fact I listened to it for a while without ever really paying attention the lyrics and then when I did I was like, "What in the world!? o.O" It sounds pretty mellow and kind of has a pop and soft rock feel to it? Also, I should mention it was a male singer. I've done many searches but I cannot find this song, and I'm almost one hundred percent sure I didn't come up with it myself. xD

If anyone has any idea as to what this song might be, please let me know?