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  1. ytre9 said:

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    This might be a tricky one: I've been trying to find out the name of a duet song for quite a long time. It is sung by a man and a woman and sounds like a love duet. The mood is rather melancholic, the song is slow, reminds me somehow of a rainy British day It might be because the singers sound British. Unfortunately I don't remember any lyrics, but as far as I remember they are singing about "on the first day", "on the second day" etc. Not quite sure though.

    And it seems to be a rather popular song!
  2. wurzlsepp said:


    Probably totally off, but i'll try it though: Scritti Politti - The Word Girl (Flesh and Blood)
    There's no duet and no woman singing but Green Gartside's voice sounds very female and sometimes a background choir can be heard
  3. ytre9 said:


    Well, not really, but thanks for the suggestion. The song is slower and much more melancholic. It is also not a new song, but probably not so old as 1985. Probably from the (late) '90s...
  4. ytre9 said:


    I just found out the name of the song, almost by accident: it's Where the Wild Roses Grow