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  1. golden crown said:

    Post anyone free to continue...

    sorry for the silence..
    aint grown from hard feelins or sort for crude violence
    been locked up the hiphop tower guarded by a dragon
    rhyme bars n a steel n iron fence...
    n im still grinnin from self defence
    still healin from the scratches of ill offence
    but i made it i did it, the sky's the limit
    this is my time im gone glow it not blow it...
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  2. quickill said:


    The world flows by it's timeless
    Spineless, the way I feel so mindless
    Mind this - how I put up with ****, call me a hypocrit
    Turn around the next day, don't change a bit
    Then complain to my friend how I'm goin crazy
    Got one extra pro'lem can't relate to Jay Z
    And it stems from me, or at least say she
    Take a breath
    This life is beauty
    And I'm too damn focused, the world is an ocean
    I'm lost in the waves, I'm hopelessly hopin'
    I'm jokelessly jokin', I'm chronically smokin'
    And I feel I could make it if I could somehow relate
    But I'm surrounded by nonsense so I tend to feel hate
    I'm surrounded it's constant I used to feel great
    I'm bogged down and honest too much at stake
    Another day in the life
    I worked off my *** to live a day in this life
    Now I complain cuz it's a day fulla strife
    Now I just wanna wake up to a beautiful wife
    And a kid of my own and a house or a home
    And a simple damn job with moderate pay
    Where I can relax and just chill at the end of the day
    But that ship has sailed and the train's never late
    See a wish can be great
    It can help you escape
    When you livin' a dream cuz you feel un-awake
    But a wish can bring hate
    When the wish come true because all you do
    Yet you still feel empty and you must blame you
    ****... this ain't really nothin', this ain't really somethin' I'm puttin work into y'know
    But let's keep it goin... we all got trials, struggles.. so keep the rap goin'
    Because maybe
    Between all our hatred, there's commonality
    **** what do I know...
  3. smoothtung's Avatar

    smoothtung said:


    Aha the jay z line is dope
  4. Logix said:


    THAT WAS SO GOOD. That blew my mind dude. That was deep, and good. I'm about to try to write a piece.. You write that without a beat?
  5. golden crown said:


    have you ever wondered how ur life would be
    when it keeps growin strange dead visions as far as eyes could see
    every step a mistake..every mission a failure
    yeah..the strength it takes,faded in growin pains
    destiny far away..saccumbin to the deadly sores
    a felony pity..
    but aint givin the cardboard kid
    eyes on the me Wundurlich..
  6. quickill said:


    since i met the game fatal attraction
    before i asked my brain what'd happened
    a chain reaction it was magic
    schooled to the game ever after
    big dreams since teens was raised by the streets

    what i need superceeds simple deeds
    simple fiends foolishees get greedy like christmas eve, see
    i will never though sell my soul
    simpletons give all to the beast...
    cha-sin emptiness on repeat
    only leads to quick defeat
    who are you, tellin me?
    how i focus like transfixiation
    don't forget where i'm from 4-0 nation
    lines say it all so simpli'cation
    mind state every day hustle vacation
    other rappers dumbed down like i erased
    asphyxiation - damn
    its what im bout no doubt never doubt never fear
    fakes n lames all clear real skill is here, damn

    but the truth is my style's ruthless
    but i don't get half the respect i deserve on this forum - old members knew this
    anyone who wants the truth i'll prove this
    i'm callin anyone out - i make all rappers look stupid
    and leave you without a word to say like ya'lls mouth is toothless
  7. golden crown said:


    i understand the words they sayin
    soundin like dear lord we prayin
    n Mary i hail cos i aint born to fail
    i got this mail that caused me sail
    off the west coast to give the world the best of me
    like a cargo ship..
    cruisin past boats on paddles through the ocean sheet
    n im causin shifts in the game's hierarchy
    restin on the lead like im monarchy
    respect to the game beyond anarchy
    bold enough to walk on ripped phalanges
    hey n due respect..earnin that's a real deal in retrospect
    call it a murder trial for a murder suspect
    haunted souls,life sentence n a murder musket
    n the jury aint done yet
    knights on the hunt for clowns that still roam yet
    allowing light to shine on crowns till sunset...
  8. Zachre's Avatar

    Zachre said:


    Donít have time for love, so I spend every night making it,
    And then I leave in the morning, never waking it.
    But all this fakin it leaves me alone, and no ones paying it.
    People see my smile, see my eyes but never the pain in it.
    And I ainít sayin ****, cus if I start displayin it
    they would start mistaken it with asking for help,
    and asking for help means you need it,
    and needing it is mistaken with weakness,
    so I keep it all a secret,
    and hope no one ever sees it.
    Especially the girls I wanna be with, cus they never understand.
    Iím too young doing everything I sea to be anchored to land.
    And I would be lying if I say I am a better man,
    cus no manís better,
    like grannyís homemade sweater you put it on due to the weather,
    and whether or not it has just the right spots that make you warm,
    and how much thought was formed, cus every man is torn,
    they just need the right stitches,
    not some *****es who are just looking for big ***** and riches.
    Its all the **** like this that then rips this
    Making a tear right in our eyes to the point where we are no good for wear
    To the point where we learn to not care, and just hope next time they stare
    Into our eyes for a little bit longer, a little bit stronger, and see whats wrong there.
    But its death over dishonor, so even though our emotions wander, we will seem calmer.

    This is a rough draft I just made... Has a unique flow to it.
  9. quickill said:


    You act like you forgot my name
    Or maybe I don't hear you though
    I'm sick of playin' the same game
    But I'm finally seein' clearly so
    I heard those tracks were insane
    It's a sad thing I didn't hear it though
    I ain't never on the same thing
    It's like I'm grinding yearly though
    But really bro
    I ain't really changed up..
    It's just I've learn't to beat this game up

    Sick of all these impostors and wanna be newly weds
    Miss the days when we would smoke and really just chill instead
    No explainin' the thoughts goin' on in my head
    But instead I let ya live... haha.. and if you knew the old me
    This is what they told me, never loss your passion cuz they dyin' to control me
    And who knew that we were stars
    When we were barely scrapin' by and were smokin' in the car
    And this life is just a mystery I'm livin' where we are
    But since we got this far I do propose a toast
    To those who had my back for lovin' me the most
    And those who didn't make it back ya we shout out to your ghost
    And live our lives in your honor that's why we live the most
    The day we all get together I'mma radiate and glow
    Just know through all of my accomplishments what really matters most
    Is passion plus the honor and the times you hold me close
    Is when I feel like lettin' go
    But **** it - I'm here until the last call
    And since we finished so hard I say we flee into the night fall
    And remember that that we still young and go hard til the night call
    That's all so..
    Goodnight ya'll
  10. quickill said:


    Zachre that **** is good man, my favorite raps are those that are deep, personal and tell a story while keeping a good flow! Good work man.
  11. sirfolsom said:


    if the game has a mutual ending tell me the stakes....busy body hates fall cause all the rakes
    i look into the eyes of others and fellow the feelins of deep undercover and material lovers
    in the chase of stacks you get lost in the goals.... life is about fire without maintaining the coals
    im too interested in mine but ill leave hints....your trapped in 25's but think you do stints
    its time for eternal compassions and backlashin...against man made laws,rules, and collectible fashions
    unearthly wisdom is to look through panes without glass....whats is mean to make love without gettin some ***
    the feeling you get when real is way past legit...its in your fibers when saliva is not spit or fertilizers arent ****
    mankind needs to come together but not in a gangbang....if that metaphor doesnt stick then outer space is only goin to be tang
    a double innuendo, is my new nintendo, open the broken window...reap what seed you sewn, its callin its not your phone, robots in motion not a drone
    arnold or sylvester is simple your stallin alone .... suicides with reason is worth the condone

    this is now strictly for the empty in the usa...we have raped and pillaged too many and comin soon is our day
    the white,black,brown or any color of skin around...thinks people should vote and realize in congress they dont make a sound
    you support campaigns and regimes of parties...they chew up your deficits and leave you candy in the name of smarties
    demo or repub take that shi* to the damn gutter....real humanity is rare as honesty without political stutter
    if you claim when you vote that is truly matters....electoral colleges is what you dont realize mad hatters
    dont expect me to tip you the hat and sink the prat....obama - romney have the same donors how intelligent is that
    pay attention to the NDAA bill signed in the start of 12...that means martial law is reactivated and freedom no longer dwell
    plus if you believe our nation is in true freedoms and love to hear your opinion on claimin side expertise
    keen minds follow the american news and that info is false stews...its like the upper white man singing the blues without knowin dues
    if you follow the current stories given then your not banks and the federal reserve run the world without ever showing
    look outside the country for your sources to be correct...then you would realize we have no power who gets in from the supposed elect
    general inspections and nazi resurrections are deemed ok by most...thats cause smiles and promises only hide the evil host
    braggin to boast, loafs of bread are already toast, no cares for other coasts...we love to in america only care about us like we matter the most
    once you realize lives are all equal and there are no sequels you hate the break its wings, even flies start to sting, fight is gone even if ropes and ring
    so my apparent treason is trying to speak of reason....its hard being the coat for freezin, this subject is treated as a baby whos goin through teethin
    look into fusion centers and fema camps maybe it will inspire...if you ignore the impending doom then your results and mine are quite dire
  12. golden crown said:


    at the cross roads..

    i cant believe this is happenin
    counting luck's strikes like how many pumpkins we got this hallowin
    n im still stuck in between..success n failure
    been lost for so long honey's askin where you been
    i got a girl who loves me but shes so far away
    met another at the mall today..dont like her anyway
    im in ties n suits but i lost my job
    laughin at my state or maybe i should sob
    hustlin all day bit aint got no hope
    blamin fate like its insane or its my choices that are dope
    checkin left right no ideas from my hommies
    lookin like they lost in their own life stories
    wifey she's worried..whats up hon you so silent
    n im steady thinkin could we go back to being friends
    life on the edge im danglin on a noose
    ready for the jump but its me whose gone lose
    starin into heaven...lord give me a sign
    show me the pathway to my rise the destiny i'd find
    lead me to right paths n' steps so id make it
    in the name of the father,the son and the holy spirit...
  13. sirfolsom said:


    the answer of the neutral

    i seen the vindications of a permanent vacations holds lots of reservations...when it comes to man made religions im sorry I just have my hesitations
    life shouldnt be dictated from those who claim bearded man gave em expectations....satan,hades,el diablo,devil,god,zeus,allah,osiris,elohim man made inflations

    i used to try to walk that path, you fear of gods wrath, reached a reasonable age to realize baptism is a quick bath, too many different stories to do the math, to think your god is the right one is the only laugh, moses splittin seas with concrete and staff, a good person or moral being is what I shall never hath

    raised in the christian front and taught to always respect man on the cross....where was that man in world hunger and plagues is he ignoring the loss
    quran,bible,jehovah,jewish,buddha,mormon, take their pages and give a gentle toss....those mental diseases can catch your play easier than randy moss
    anyone ever heard of the shamans edition of having a better vision and goal....but follow in that way and greedy men wouldnt be able to mass control

    uncle fester,wednesday,thing,gomez,morticia,pugsley and lurch....explains more about the atoms family than learning your way through a church
    thought finding your path in life was about self discovery,so where the search?....simon says what? pay attention to natures birds sitting on the birch

    seems the tribes of the unspoken, will not get heavens token, for religious words were never written or wrote in self emotion, life is a free theme park so start the roller coastin, no needin for prayers and boastin, if you never heard the word you wouldnt have the notion to put jesus in motion, love is the main thing and only a few needs not potion, to realize all the lies and commotion, doesnt mean you have to follow to be the chosen, lives lost everyday doesnt stop the fake for a second closin, so many "christians" but i dont see no real just posin, permanent last breath holds no composin, life is cold so start thawin the frozen and heal from the corrosion

    this is not rantin from an atheist or soulless speech, but if you believe self discovery is about listening to another person preach, then my life is bermuda to those living on the beach, my mind can see the real white light with insight you need to use bleach, those who only follow...well your life should simply start to impeach

    not in the form of nixon or clinton, these are only words of the "lost' admittin, the mark is off from the hittin, head games filled with logs that need splittin, i bury the hatchet,axe,hammer for you no shi**in, your in the wrong world if you think my words arent fittin

    go back in history to learn of jesus's real name and practice....he was a rabbi so this form you follow now needs to add this

    this isnt coming hard from the block or some new shock....explain why new religions leave out the book of enoch....they threw away his book and name with the pad and the lock, heavens door doesnt exist so it cant wait for your knock, marketing hasnt always meant investin in material stock, its about being a free bird not falling from the same flock, alcatraz is cardboard to this well kept piece of rock, so either dream or take the beam from spock, this isnt an apology but im sorry if this hurts you from the text that i mock, homo doesnt mean to ride the coc*, 2 of the same it is like the rows of teeth from the croc

    no moses sandal, or vatican scandals,chewing way more than the brain can handle, these man made brain washes need to tide up and burn out the candle, keep wearin your religious prides like ashes on a mantle
  14. quickill said:


    You see life got me....

    Beat up from the feet up
    Ridin' up wit my feet up
    **** aroun and go hard
    Now we ain't there when they need us
    Eatin' all they words when they thought that they would beat us

    **** it... tryna make a clean break
    One leaf fallen for every mis-take
    My girl so foreign, make you do a double take
    Hypocrits and posers, gettin' hard to shake
    My life leanin' on the gas, never tap the break
    And I'll go hard til I die, finish or I break
    Never take a break.. except to drop a couple lyrics
    Never took the easy path - live life for experience

    And I'm so far gone
    Purple in the pipe cuz I'm so high strung
    You deal with lesser problems, that's why I only talk to God
    Cuz only He can save me when all is said and done
    Pity lesser beings, ya'll only **** for fun
    I'm ****in' like I mean it, not just there to come
    Slick like a Nigerian, she call me number one
    Blowin' when I go off - betta grab ya gun

    ****in' with my flow reckless
    Children round here starvin'
    You droppin grands up on a necklace
    I ain't up with that trendy ****, but lemme make a reference
    My flow got soul like Gucci, you more like Abercrombie
    I call ya'll walkin dead - rappin lika zombie
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    Molotova said:


    Oops, sorry, posted twice
    1 <3
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    Molotova said:


    Sirfolsom, I don't agree with everything you say, but you have lots of talent ! Respect !
    1 <3