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  1. Goet said:

    Default Amon Düül II - Henriette Krötenschwanz

    Artist: Amon Düül (II)
    Song: Henriette Krötenschwanz
    Link to song:
    Would like to have the lyrics translated to English, please.

    Thank you very much in advance
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  2. BaldJeanAndFriede said:


    The song lyrics are very hard to understand, even for a native speaker. All I can really make out is "dein helles Blut versickert im Sand", "your bright blood trickles into the sand". Else I only understand fragments, like "ein (innerer Wurm?) umkreist deine (Hand?)", meaning "an (inner worm?) circles your (hand?)", but neither sure about the "inner worm" nor the "hand" at all. The very high-pitched vocals make it hard to understand.

    I know the song is about a woman having had a car crash with the steering wheel crushing her chest. The band saw that accident and had the impression it looked like the tail of a toad (probably the tadpole of that toad since toads don't have tails). "Krotenschwanz" is German for "toad's tail".

    I hope this helps you a bit.
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    feuersteve said:


    I found 2 or 3 websites with links to Amon Düüh II song bbut this song was not there. Bummer.
    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.