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Thread: bad dad

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    Default bad dad

    your f**kin 'hell cursed'
    always put yourself first
    is that cos no1 else cares?
    harsh? I hope it felt worse

    ever since I was born, it was an act of neglect
    a father-son relationship that you cracked n you wrecked
    even when I grew older, you always lacked with respect
    I wish someone had a knife n just hacked at your chest

    cos your worthless, your nothing, your a f**kin joke
    I couldnít care less if you blew up in smoke
    your an alco, a dole bum, your always broke
    you mean nothing to me anymore, your just another bloke

    I wish you made an effort, but you never really tried to
    it feels like my whole f**kin life i've been lied to
    if your not sure were i'm going with this, here let me guide you
    I donít f**kin hate you dad, I despise you

    whenever I think about you it just makes me angry
    youíve never gave a sh*t about your kids or family
    Iíll keep it simple so you can understand me
    your no dad to me, so from now on Iíll just call you Andy

    As my thoughts get deeper, my mood starts to worsen
    I look up to the sky n pray to god that youíre hurtiní
    Itís crazy how ya can have so much hate for one person
    If I ever have kids Iíll try a lot harder than you! Thatís for certain

    You've always put yourself first, over your kids - your daughter
    If you were dying of thirst, id f**kin pi*s in your water

    I hate the fact that you donít care one bit
    I hate no matter how hard things get, you always quit
    Donít ever say we were close, cos we f**kin werenít t*t
    Oh and the birthday card you sent me in the post, I burnt it

    a*se h*le, pri*k, f**kin di*kfaced c*nt
    Iíve wrote so much sh*t about you my pencils blunt
    Iím not being harsh Iím just being upfront
    Iíll put my fist in your glass if you ask for a 'glass of punch'
    n watch you drink it, n smile as I hear your teeth crunch
    it was sh*t to have you in my life while it lasted, thanks a bunch

    I thought you liked it when we came to visit, but you never did
    I worked out what you were like since the start, I was a clever kid
    You just always ran away from all the problems, however big
    & blanked us out your life like a coward n forever hid

    Youíre just a lame excuse for a father, someone I once called dad
    die? I think id rather, than have you in my life!... bad?
    I thought youíd try harder, but you never n infact Iím glad
    I donít need you, Iím smarter, none of this sh*t will make me sad

    You've never picked me up once, whenever I fell
    You've never tried to help me when I wasnít doing well
    always made yourself scarce whenever I needed Ďhelpí
    So minus the Ďpí and you can go to hel (hell)

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    Bro I like this

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    Hell yeah dude, some real ****. Keep it up!

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