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    Default WHAT SONG!!!! =( Lyrics" Ridin chevy's man ridin chevy's man

    Can not figure out anywhere.!!! Know one knows answer. Song = hip hop

    you are god if u can name this, no one has answered so far.

    Lyrics r somehting liek this.

    IT repeates this chorus with different cars.
    Ridin chevy's man ridin ridin chevy's man, If you aint ridin chevy's you aitn on my level man.
    Then Ridin bimmer's man ridin ridin bimmers man, if you aint ridin bimmers you aint on my level man.

    Obviously it is Hip/Hop.
    The artist is belived to eb three 6 mafia, but i think we are wrong.
    Any help will be worshiped.

    Plz post or email and! ty so much

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    /// =(

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