Can someone translate this to Lebanese dialect

Thread: Can someone translate this to Lebanese dialect

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    Default Can someone translate this to Lebanese dialect

    Thats what done when u really love someone

    I'm a woman, lord knows it's hard
    I need a real man to give me what I need
    Sweet attention, love and tenderness
    When it's real it's unconditional, I'm telling y'all

    Cause a man, just ain't a man,
    If he aint' man enough
    To love you when you're right,
    Love you when you're wrong
    Love you when you're weak,
    Love you when you're strong
    Take you higher
    When the world got you feelin low.
    He's given you his last, cuz he's thinking of you first
    Given comfort when you're thinking that you're hurt
    That's what's done when you really love someone

    Cause you're a real man and lord knows it's hard
    Sometimes you just need a woman's touch
    Sweet affection, love and support
    When it's real, it's unconditional, I'm telling y'all

    Sometimes you gonna argue
    Sometimes you gonna fight
    Sometimes it's gonna feel like it will never be right
    But something so strong, keeps you holdin on
    It don't make sense, but it make a good song

    Thanks in advance
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    do you still want the translate?
  3. lawmatiji said:


    I'm not sure if the person still posts on here, but I'd love a translation of the whole thing.

    I'd love to find out how to say 'to argue' and 'to support' in Lebanese. I don't think I've come across these verbs anywhere so far.

    Could you give the Perfect and Imperfect forms for both words so I can see which vowel they take in the imperfect? By which I mean eg. katab (perfect) > yektob (imperfect), a -> o (u), so it takes a damme in the imperfect.