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    Can someone please translate these lines for me in iraqi dialect:
    I'm not iraqi, I'll give it a try and ask sohuda to correct it for you

    What do you think about this city? What is your opinion about this city?
    Sheno rayech bel mante8a?
    How long do you live here?
    shgad 3esht hna?
    Do you have family or friends here?
    ako 3endech ahl lo as7ab hna?
    Do you know alot of people here?
    t3orfeen hwaya nas hna?
    What is the problem?
    sheno el moshkela?
    See you next time
    ashoufech el mara el jay
    I was born here
    anee wledt hnee
    I still study, i am in my third year
    da adros, anee b thalet sana (yeah yeah I know was just dying to say da )

    Today I went
    elyoum ro7t
    yesterday I went
    elbar7a ro7t
    Tomorrow I am going
    bacher ray7a
    What did u eat yesterday
    shakalti elbar7a (embare7? ams?)
    When do u go
    shwaket tro7een
    When do u went
    shwaket ray7a
    How much does it cost
    When do u sleep
    shwaket tnameen
    What did u learn for
    la sheno t3alamti
    Do u study or do u work
    tedroseen lo tesht3'leen
    The important things in life are
    aham ashya2 bel 7ayat homa
    What do you mean?
    Which place did u born
    ooof yaaa sho by3arefni wldeti wain
    How many years do you work at
    kam sana sarlech tesht3'leen
    I am going to sleep
    anee ray7a anam
    I am going to learn for my test
    ray7a adros l2emt7ani
    I had a boyfriend years ago, I loved him very much but things didn't worked out, he wasn't my destiny. He was not serious in life
    chan ako 3endi sadee8 zaman, 7abaita hwaya bs ma nef3, ma chan 8adari, w ma chan djaodjafodjaofjasdo
    that looks good
    shakla 7elo
    very nice photo
    sora 7elwa
    I like
    anee a7eb
    How was ur day?
    shlon chan youmech

    I have a throat ache, I have a head ache, my eyes hurt, my teeth hurt, hairloss, back ache, I have a stomach ache

    Hahahahahhahahaha. Ok. My iraqi is very rusty. I blame you Huda 3ashan ma da t7cheen weyaya :'(