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    Post Stillborn Unicorn- 'Retrograde Infinity Suite' & 'Dystopia 2.0'

    I wrote these lyrics and they are copyrighted. Do not take them or post them elsewhere or any other such villainy, please. thank you. Feedback appreciated. Audio coming soon.

    For 'Stillborn Unicorn 1 & 2' lyrics, see here:

    Stillborn Unicorn- Retrograde Infinity Suite.

    01. Salt Tolerance.
    02. Split Paradigm Interlude.
    03. Null Transit.
    04. Reprise.
    05. 'Aurora' Epilogue.



    Cities rise and swiftly thrive
    as Pygmy tribes and fig trees die.
    Stray seeds strive whilst the rabbits strip crops.
    Grey-green skies line amassing pink moss.
    ..Mother foxes raise the young Hunters polish laserguns.
    Hammers shatter sandstone as the
    Trappers map the mangrove magma.

    Lately, aged trees outnumber young ones,
    Drains weep saline, drowned under sun flux.
    Crows in flight with Strobing lights,
    an Archipelego where Farmers' melons grow in brine...
    Ergot laced the grain...
    Dirtclods break away...
    the Last swan's heart was
    Served on paper plates.
    with Appetites to sacrifice
    the Effervescent morning..
    Natural lights are dappled by
    the Pheasant feathers falling.
    Now cows Chow down on Sanguine flesh
    and Strive to Fight the Gag reflex.
    Most migrate and Hope light fades:
    the Snowblind Bovine's Closed eyes ache.
    In Parking lots an Arctic fox
    is Weaker with heat.
    In a Feverish sleep.
    and the Lemur sick reeks.
    Louder sounds are Drowning out
    the Otters' mating calls,
    Innercity Fish are busy
    Tolerating salt
    It's fastest first at feeding time...
    But starving worms with carpet burn 'll seek demise.


    After arable farmers
    Plant the cannibal's carcass
    Cityscapes'll Swiftly change
    to Large botanical gardens.
    Flowers climb on power pylons.
    Mosses comfy rubble under
    Dogs in bloody-muzzled slumber.
    Factories vanish..
    Battery acid stays though;
    Bathes those flayed ghosts.
    Stains snow Dayglo.
    Taints stone..
    Overgrowth'll choke the flow:
    the Timeline's vine binds motorhomes.
    Hot blood purged as blocked ducts burst,
    but Frog lungs coughed up pondscum first.
    Flood the desert, Scuttle dredgers
    Black rats drank that Sun's reflection.
    Tumoured, wounded cows are still
    Bruised and oozing sour milk.
    ..Plough the hills.
    ..Towns are built
    to Crown the filth
    as Flowers wilt.




    Whimpering Hungry
    Kittens in Sunbeams
    Lick the thin and Blistered skin
    as Unclean Cuts weep.
    the Taxidermist's Cat is purring:
    Catching Static vermin,
    Scratch Incursive.




    Dropped clock, Glass shards,
    Swan scar contrast:
    The Sunbleached bone's to hungry crows
    As countries thrones to monarchs.

    From Honeycomb to hot tar..

    Sucrose crops with Neurotoxins Skew crows' logic-
    Soon home's lost in Looped stone forest.
    Soon the worm turns Due to earthworks.
    Truthes that birds learned no longer apply.
    ..crows drop from the sky,
    The flock's in toxic smog, It's..
    Project- Catch blood if Swan's neck mashup in Metal gears.
    Welders Shed a tear, Sell the feathers here, 'Heaven's near:

    Roost- dirt shower,
    Goose hurled groundward:
    Body rots and copies on
    as New world founder.

    The rose that blooms late's
    an overdue change now
    Broken zoo gates
    'll groan and spew snakes out.

    Mice hide a lifetime
    Stowed aboard the cobra's corpse.
    Hope's a flaw;
    Attributes are dormant..
    Adders looped the tortoise
    'till the Latter slew the former.

    A serpent surfed the septic pit..
    Shed it's fetid skin, fled it, let it sink..



    04. REPRISE

    Geiger counter readings hide the sound of weeping.
    Cry and drown a pheonix.. abandon vast settlements with
    Plans for sparse residences. brine'll be carbonated,
    Clad the last elephants in ivory armour plating.

    Residues never move:

    Cobblers' leather boots
    Honour the severed hooves.

    As Piston grease for stiff machines:

    Coppiced plants are quick to leaf.
    Cottage garden industries.

    Spring/Autumn: ..Importers.
    Winter/Summer: ..Infrastructure.
    Sick orchard disorder;
    Drifts of tundra; blissfull numbness.

    [Bring the ruckus..]

    Famine panic, cabbage patches struggle.
    Fat fish splash in gastric acid puddles.
    Cola fizz coma kiss, crysallis -split
    ..Still missing it's wings.


    Lavish mangroves ..Massive rat growth.
    Chaplains Clad in Scavenged labcoats.
    The ambergris from a dispepsic whale..
    Abandon mission- the sick medics failed.
    Saints that craved to fix the damage didnt manage.
    Thick molasses drips from granite.. Inward transit:
    keepsakes remain but this
    Derailed train's rusting.
    Rain's coming...
    Drown a farm and count the stars reflected after dredging.


    Seasons' edges cleave the flesh which
    Diesel engines cease defending.
    Blood dries fast as mudslides mask the
    Slum-side sun-shine slug-slime sparkle.

    Wind-strewn leaves from
    Stripped fruit trees rot.
    Thick blue bleach bog.
    Seed pods Pop




    By the silver winter...
    Spider silk'll glisten...
    Shine from ice from drizzle;
    Vines'll wither.

    A light sleeper
    that lies dreamless
    Defies fever-
    Her sky's seamless.

    She shuns the virus,
    ...shuts her eyes to
    Summarise the
    colours' vibrance.

    She stored the raw emotion once,
    She'd Sought to pause the moment's flow-
    the.. waterfalls were frozen but
    her Warmth'd thaw an ocean, slow.

    Resurgent hope, she yearns for growth:
    These verdant groves emerge from snow.
    a love of winter as summer's imminent..
    sun pavillion: numb to similars.

    She tinkers With the deadly bombs an'
    Trades the blaze for cherry blossom.

    she is as she perceives..
    A liturgy of dreams..
    she drinks from streams and sleeps
    beneath her callibrated sunset.



    she researched the science of entropy, tired but restlessly.
    themes emerged and heat can hurt but time was the enemy.
    She'd seize the breeze
    to Weave the bees' trajectories..
    for lethargy's the death of dreams,
    Essentially she's..
    Learning how to rest,
    Hurting now and then,
    Stirs with vows to mend
    Burning flowerpress powerfest,
    Proud of flesh...
    Birds will burst if sound's suppressed.
    Finite flight time.. why fight night like
    Ravens trail cables through her bright white skyline?
    she kicked the ground to kiss the clouds
    ..brings them down to lift the shroud.
    She's freed the cycled systems now
    these seasons spiral inward bound.


    Copyright Christopher Osborne 2011.
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  2. _SBU said:


    Stillborn Unicorn- Dystopia 2.0 [v6]

    01. Resurgence.
    02. Marination Ritual.
    03. Entropy Anthem.
    04. Dystopia TwoPointZero.


    kid hit city social scene, didnt even know the memes,
    a gutful of nothing and a head of hopes and dreams.
    cloning sheep in broken sleep on synthesized acid,
    dinnertime magic on a digitized planet.

    kid hit big city spilling civic spirit,
    limits implicit to the brick in which it's living.
    true wisdom's new systems mixed with vintage mischief,
    kid's a city scientist, his father was the village mystic.

    kid hit centre city, compromised security,
    modified and mutinied to modernize communities.
    apologised approvingly and qualified it ruthlessly.
    same place a day later, lot like it used to be.

    the best slaves escaped and saved chains for the next stage.
    old roles are reversed to preserve the templates.

    switching kings as thrones erode.. return to the earth.
    it's a brave new world with resurgent concerns.



    skip a day.. embers met the winds of change. instant blaze.
    different place.. sit and wait as fish decay and drift away.
    plucked doves ricochet from dinnerplates and chip the paint,
    carve arcs over open ocean into distant flame.


    a vulture died in flight, fell and fed the lions.
    weak beasts eating ourselves on desert islands.
    excess flesh left bloody floodwater..
    vermin nurturing humble gut flora.

    rations in the wagon of a world-weary general.
    aimless now angels save halos for vegetables.
    only ever get fed to fill your uniform..
    display case made for a stillborn unicorn.

    come to hunt then share spare hunger,
    shed the flesh then wear their judgements.
    standard procedure, releasing the animals,
    ravenous vegans and treasonous cannibals.
    ey.. wanna go halves on a rotting ghost heart?
    and better the devil with modest goat farms.
    the orange grove's parched and the cottage won't last.
    fast food spews through the gothic stone arch.



    A far continent's cartographer starts off from the edge of the page,
    ventures away, charts on to the centre and stays for measureless days.
    a relevant change, but never the same temporal place remembered and claimed
    as vessels are strained, the essence degrades, forever decays and remnants fade.

    A force to bend the laws of men but store regrets as autumn crept,
    Farms' siphoned starfire can't find the source again.

    Too stubborn to quit, with nothing to bridge..
    the guild of builders' shovels and picks dug an abyss.
    a structural shift and functions'll flip..
    but children filtered summer and split, bubbles adrift.
    There's rubble to sift through, troublesome issues..
    soon see strewn seeds under the bricks bloom.
    Thick root tangles'll strangle the waterpipes
    this new angle's a tangent to borderlines.
    Natural sanctums are fortified, short of time.
    slight source of light forceful life fought to find.
    Cats'll strike.. the dragonfly serephim,
    bats are blind to blacker sky's benefits.
    Sanctums lie derelict, sacrificed leverage
    handled like pressure with mal-aligned bevel pins..

    Force to bend the laws of men but store regrets as autumn crept,
    Farm-siphoned starfire can't find the source again.

    Passion's like zest for this barren dry desert drift;
    Renders it drenched and with lemon pips settling.

    Orchards slept as autumn crept and former strength's a poor defense;
    Farm-siphoned starfire can't shine from source again.

    Particles bind.. the past'll survive.
    There's a lake in place of the castles of ice.
    The king of an island now.. fished for a shineless crown..
    Rivers are fires, doused. splintered ships are tindersticks.

    Orchards slept as autumn crept and former strength's a poor defense,
    Farm-siphoned starfire can't shine from source again.

    Know that when hope's a nest, crows defend broken eggs.
    A dead orchard's fed all the fresh water, No regrets.

    We'll avow the here and now'ness
    near to boundless years devoured..
    wield a plough and yield to showers;
    clear the ground for fields of flowers.

    just one epic sunset with
    subjective smudged lenses,
    once kept it's stuck pending
    unending entropy.
    Energy enters databases.
    fades the paintings...
    Memories smell of tapes decaying.
    paper ages...

    We'll avow the here and now-ness
    near to boundless years devoured..
    wield a plough and yield to showers;
    clear the ground for fields of flowers.

    The sum of my wisdom's an undefined ism,
    A butterfly-blizzard of summerised winters:
    A cold flame, My soul's bait to capture moments
    and hold safe 'til old age will crack them open.

    The future surrounds as the view from a tower.
    The breeze lent a sweet scent of funeral flowers.
    Time forgets the pilots' deaths, drunk doves dance.
    Silence then. spiders web an unstrung harp.



    sunburnt wormskins in dirty meltwater,
    dead end street names and star constellations.
    a milk tanker ruptured in the tunnel and a village grew.
    temporary flowers and an architect's daughter.

    kid hit centre city, spent a fifty on the stab vest,
    spent the rest on cabs then splashed out spirit on a lab test.
    stacked debts in tenements 'til homeostatic tetris magic.
    looted lettuce patch is passive, stew is strewn with pensive rabbits.
    fair game. where saved, spared shared traits.
    bailed failed airplane, saw the flaw before the flare fade.
    safe.. it's on. they'll call it off.
    skillless builders bottom tier and caught the falling blocks.
    fauna caught a pinecone dropping,
    vengeance spread as phytotoxins.
    silence spites the former peace,
    doves crushed under fallen trees.
    all the heat's been spent. all water's tainted now..
    soon the tired purifiers chew poseidon, break it down..
    god sh*t clogging filters, mosses on it's pistons..
    novice cottage builders dodging modest killers..
    similar civilians, different positions;
    mineshafts, flightpaths, pillars and prisons.
    specialists measuring optimal form.
    excess flesh left on hospital floors.
    stocking up. flocks in flux, hot capacitors.
    mopping muck, watching love. brothel janitors.
    crippled infantry. mixed civility,
    past it, starving in stripped vicinity.
    any regiment remnant's left as a veteran. effortless.
    half spent flesh venting ettiquette's sentiments.
    bad kids sent straight to bed without medicine.
    no defibrillators at the dinner table gentlemen.

    harming self but starving the competition.
    meat markets, free parking and botulism.
    winter blizzards hit, left dead farmers and vexed gardeners.
    the best shepherds lost flocks to drops and leapt after them.
    with treefrogs in sweetspots where swamps met the desert
    and tribal advisors are bomb shelter sellers.
    there's pleasure in hindsight, measuring time like
    used moons roost in a derelict highrise.
    fanned flame translates blank page. plans change.
    manmade landscapes. mass graves. ashtrays.
    champagne which rats bathed in; first world problems;
    cracked paving, bad cravings, pervert doctors.

    city-centre pig-placenta kid can hit an artroom..
    glimpse things, think quick and split before the guards loop.
    pen and paper met the makers, meta-data left the page as tethered angels.
    generation meant for greatness.. modern helium magi mastered art of levitation.
    never ate a herbivore. set the bait at furnace doors or center-stage and serve it raw.
    try to get a perfect score with spider eggs on circuit boards.
    writhing wires climbing skyward on a lifeless pine.
    midwinter- stick figures fighting fire; climatized.
    we left pet apes in dead hedgemazes but visit, trading heuristics.
    knee deep in medicine bottles and temples that toppled, chasing the finish.
    sinking in riches. abundance encumbers.
    make ends meet- cleaning blood from the junction.

    grey paint to maintain freight trains to graveyards,
    plots on the same place we played in the days past.
    bury me with memories when all's said and done.
    yet to come, the heavens sunk and open ocean bled the sun.
    with specialist dreams spun for priests' sons..
    drag dead gods to the petshop for a refund.
    a hard path, glass shards and hot coals in potholes but home now. so proud.
    no sound as phantoms abandoned the ghost towns.
    there's young dust in the armoury, drug busts in the pharmacies,
    just grudge in trustfunds but gushed blood's still a part of me.
    preach- weak beasts reach wormfood virtue later.
    start from scratch, farm a patch and work through permutations.
    make a fence, wait and then take a census. pay the peasants, slaves and beggars.
    pave the deserts. tame the weather. crater dwellers claimed the heavens.
    burned bridges. earth's finished.
    nature severed roots, flew, took dirt with it.
    sky mire found clouds gutter-slumped and desperate.
    smuggled-dusk puddle-sun snuggle-f*** conception.
    forced dawn falls short of your wartorn housing,
    found it drowned in forecourt fountains.

    the filth and the joy.. spilled from the void.
    be 'forever's beta testers, build and destroy.


    kid hit mid-autumn's orchards to pick fruit..
    seen sneaking seedlings out through the 'in' route.
    bricks strewn, un-done; we f*** up and keep breeding.
    snowball effects drench tenement's breached ceilings.
    word.. the first mechabot shot the last warhorse.
    the last sharp stick surpassed the first broadsword.
    roadblocks closed off our past for redevelopment.
    no known revivals like gaia rivals pentium.
    lilac thrives and dies back, resting.
    kid hit locust scarred lotus farm exit.
    blessings, baptised in ancient petroleum,
    holiness chased snakes straight to the podium.
    actions balanced out to 'no prey and no predators'.
    ants captive in collapsing matchstick Rome replica.
    when mechabots stomp frail gods
    'til tears heal failed crops ..what of it?
    obsolete meds left from oppenheimer alchemy.
    dead diseases leave with sneezing valkyries.
    new nuke-proof tombs. food producer voodoo.
    U'll-seize and shoot the breeze as troopers loot the newsroom.
    fam.. stand back and chat about the phoneline.
    carcrash wrapped around a roadsign. huh..

    looks upon the butcher's block, stood and watched her working.
    she peeled back flesh, caressed the precious circuits.
    personal pangaea. we all drift apart.
    together forever in an instant and it didn't last.

    clocks are antiques stocking contraband sleep.
    only the rocks can stop the stampede.

    purge and resurgence from every year-zero,
    harder and faster; it's an endgame thing.
    dreamers wake to see freefalling sheepcorpses.
    tidings; dolphins tangled in the telegraph wires.
    new rome's an arboretum. sift seaweed
    like this time's the last.

    we're warlike but all tired.
    dug deep, warmed by the corefire.
    we pray that when we've gone away the gods remain,
    that winds'll whisper our long forgotten names.

    we're all all-alone honing eloquent deathcries,
    hoping our atoms are better spent next time.
    we'll all just be dust on our part-decayed plastics..
    evolved to extinction; it's a learning process.


    copyright christopher Osborne 2012
    dedicated to a dying world. thanks for reading.
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