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    VivaPalestina said:

    Default Watching Movies in Spanish

    Thanks to the beautiful advances in technology, i.e youtube, I just watched El Rey Leon and La Cenicienta en espanol on youtube..but slight problem - I didnt actually understand 90% of it

    If anyone can link me to spanish cartoons with subtitles (spanish or english I dont mind) I'd be eternally grateful. Ta!
  2. KRBE said:

    Smile Cartoons in Spanish

    Hi VivaPalestina,
    It is difficult to find cartoons in Spanish with subtitles. There are many Spanish cartoons out there. Try looking for pocoyo. It is a program for young children. It is clear and easy to follow along. The characters are very expressive too. Also Plaza Sesamo is another program designed for young children.
    Also try Angelina Ballerina Capitulo 3 Espaņol Latino 2/2.

    If you look for Phineas and ferb in espanol You will find cartoons in Spanish designed for older children.

    Unfortunatlly I don't know how to link youtube videos to atl posts. :-( Feel free to let me know.
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    VivaPalestina said:


    Thank you! What about movies online with spanish subtitles?

    To post youtube videos, all you have to do is
    [video] (insert url of youtube here) [/video ]
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  4. KRBE said:

    Default First try.


    Hola VivaPalestina,

    Sorry, I looked and looked but could not find a movie in Spanish with subtitles that I would recommed to anyone.

    But at least now I know how to add a link! Gracias

    What about English with Spanish subtitles? Would that help?
  5. KRBE said:

    Default try two but this one does not have subtitles ;-(

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    VivaPalestina said:


    Oh la la, no spanish subtitles?

    Well do you recommend any nice light spanish films that I could look for on DVD? I dont know how you do genres in spanish but something like romance comedy maybe?
  7. KRBE said:


    I give up on finding movies on youtube! You could try kid movies on DVD. Generally they have audio in English, French and Spanish with subtitles.
    My kids like Tangled, Despicable Me and Rio. They are all cute. Continue to watch with out subtitles. When you realize you understand what is going on by just watching and listening to the dialog, that is when you know you are really getting it! If you continue to rely on subtitles it will slow your progress down. You are doing great!