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    I listened in a club to a what I believe was a set and not a live-made dj's mix. One of the songs in this set was a house piece with a high-pitched female vocal and between the verses, which were basically the same, there was a short period of piano chords, that completed a relatively fast tempo melodic electronic beat. What I remember also is that the next song in the set was Tiesto's "I will be here". The lyrics I remember were repeated inbetween the described instrumental 3-4 times:

    "I really sucked (it) up and sign/smile to my heart"

    I don't think there was another couplet.
    Before I leave I also heard a remix of "Somebody that I used to know" by Gotye feat. Kimbra and I think it was a part of the set but I can't be sure because it was a couple of hours later. That's all I got. If anyone know the song, or even better the set itself, please share the knowledge
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    no one?