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    Default Who won this battle?

    So i asked a guy called Char Azna Bull for a rap battle who thinks he could take me. Now all of the judges were his friends so i figured i'd bring it here so its more of a fair vote. It was a keystyle and im copy and pasting so you can see how he set out his ryhmes

    Your rapping skills are a figment of your imagination
    Look at yourself, you blew cocks to the point of inflation
    Char Azna Bull-****, Rap? Thats what you call it
    Your **** sounds like a 5 year old trying to learn English
    Step back bro, your nowhere near my division
    With these so called skills you'll get yourself imprisoned
    Not for murder, but excessive public disgrace
    Ive fired the first shot kiddo, your turn to run this race

    Ha im no man
    Faster than Dovahkiin
    Im a born champ
    I dont need to ramp like a camp wanna be rap man
    When i can i will
    Make you more ill with my traquil lines of vocabulary skill
    I needn't rap i eat it for breakfast
    Like idiots who test us
    Try n best us
    even brysi knows im the best
    want a rap battle? be my guest
    every game i've ever played ive won
    every rap ive ever made ive shone
    shone like the don of god
    so lets play
    im popping n locking n dropping lines all the time with my eyes of despise
    faster than your demise, throwing you into the abyss
    you started this so ill finish it *****

    I hate to be the one to play the role of the critic
    I could eat alphabet soup and **** out a better lyric
    Step away from the xbox dude, this aint a game
    Truth be told all of your whack **** was lame
    You eat rap for breakfast then spill verbal diarrhea
    This little mans bracing himself for the end is near
    Not a superstition, im living physical proof
    Superhuman, dont need a cape or a phonebooth

    Get the message im running this show
    when i write it down my fingers glow
    the devils advocate is soming to show
    how to ****ing run thi ****
    like your mum whos a ***
    i needn't **** you up id just say it
    obviously you write and must pray its
    gonna beat me, well not today
    im a taking your life style away
    my name will be remember for a thousand generations
    england, france and other nations
    will know me as a rapping sensation
    who packs more flavour than
    sorry lou
    its true
    i own you
    like a jew
    wanna rap back but your outta juice
    your time is over so quick while your ahead
    if you think you can win
    youve been sorely mislead

    (last 2 lines are from harry potter vs voldermort, thats worth a mention here. at this point he invited friends)

    You have a rookie flow and no sense of wordplay boy
    I play with my rhymes like jimmy saville and a kids "toy"
    I may be a **** but im "a head" of the game
    My ejaculation left a crater the last time i came
    So now my mums a *** eh? What would you know
    Stuck on first base with your hand and pillow
    Listen man, i can help, i can teach toddlers lyrics
    Cus right now your left in awe when i stab and kill it

    Im made of steel
    I cannot feel
    And even if you could your too pretty
    get real
    i said it before and ill say it again
    im a mother ****ing legend
    my legacy will go down in history
    while your mum gets down on her knees for me
    so excuse me while i make her pleased
    sit in the corner and stop the heat
    cus your cold, your old news dude
    i dont want to be rude but **** you
    i weren't goin to say this but i will do
    your whole familys having an orgy on redtube
    thats the only fame youll get
    make a name like that and you have regrets
    one more thing before you bore me to tears
    jarrod already told me you take it up the rear

    So after his friends started screaming insults it became a 2v1 ....which i had no problems settling

    So you got your closet pal involved in this voting
    Did he promise you milk, cookies and a butt****ing
    Curtis is still on a period it would seem
    Get your tongue out chars ***, hes the shittest rapper seen
    My talk of winning wasn't just a superstition
    A point you proved, inviting friends to judge a competition
    This album of his isn't even fit to wipe my ***
    You dont want to get personal bro, so let this pass

    So, after that it was just petty insults, a few 2 or 3 lines but nothing big so ill let you vote as it wont be as biased

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    You definitely had better metaphors, a touch of originality, went more personal against him than he did you... You outran him by miles. Take it from someone who's been writing hip-hop battle lyrics for five years.
    "You've got to take over, kill your demons inside
    Because the light inside you's where your freedom resides"
    - J*Immortal

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    You won that easily. Is English his first language?

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