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    Byomkesh Panda said:

    Smile Mortaza Pashei - Yaadete

    Translate into English please...Please please..∞...

    **I have tried with my limited knowledge. Seems like 90% wrong....Kindly correct the lyrics as well as meaning....**


    Yadeteh chegadh migofti------Remember, what things you had told?
    shayaad az maan del bekeni------Probably, today I am giving up everything…
    Yadeteh chegadh migoftam------Remember, how you had told me
    to aabad digeh mawle maani------That you will be mine, forever

    Hale dari miri mibini------Just see now how I'm dying
    Ke daraam maan joon mikenam------There is no comfort in my life.
    Torow khowda begoo doroogeh------For God's sake, please lie to me
    maano eenjoowr faz khazanam------That you are my treasure….
    Aeshqm!------My Love!

    [[Refrain start]]
    Torow khowda naz begyaam------For God's sake, do not tell me
    be-maan to donbal...eeni------that you have been waiting for me
    Torow khowda nezaw begyaam------For God's sake, do not tell me
    kenare maan...nemii.------That you want to be with me…

    Nemidoowni ageh beri------I do not know if you gone
    delam do roowzeh...mireh------for a couple of days..or forever
    Torow khowda bero bezzar------For God's sake, you should have…
    bazaam bemooneh…bemire------stayed near my heart….
    [[Refrain end]]

    Yadeteh barat vishtaam------I remember I wrote to you
    Delam az gose poreh------out of sheer grief
    Yadeteh migofti ghalbet------Remember when you had told me your heart
    Vase maan ghum mikhoreh------Has been consumed by sadness
    Vali hala dige negawahet------But now it looks..
    mes' oon roowz nemishha------as if that day was never there!
    Mige hala digeh nemisheh------Now you're gone,
    Bemoon een to humishe------and not staying back...
    Aeshqm!------ My Love <3!

    Kheyli mamnoon
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    pinky_girl said:


    Yadeteh chegad migofti------Remember, how much You kept saying.....
    shayad az man del bekani------Probably, you would abandon me
    Yadeteh chegad migoftam------Remember, how much I kept saying
    to abad digeh male mani------That you will be mine, forever

    Hala dari miri mibini------Now you're leaving , see that
    Ke daram man joon mikanam------I'm dying
    Toro khoda begoo doroogheh------For God's sake,say it's a lie
    mano injoori pas nazanam------Don't refuse me like his
    Eshqm!------My Love!

    [[Refrain start]]
    Toro khoda nazar began ------For God's sake, don't let them
    be man to dombale ouni------tell me you're following him
    Toro khoda nezar began------For God's sake, don't let them
    kenare man...nemimooni.------say that you are not gonna stay next to me

    Nemidooni ageh beri------You don't know if you go
    delam do roozeh...mimire------My hear will die in 2 days
    Toro khoda naro bezar------For God's sake, don't go
    bazaam behooneh…negire------and don't let my heart fined excuse
    [[Refrain end]]

    Yadeteh barat neveshtaam------Rememebre I wrote you
    Delam az ghose poreh------My heart is full of sorrow
    Yadeteh migofti ghalbet------Remember you said your heart
    Vase maan gham mikhoreh------is sad for me
    Vali hala dige negaahet------But now your look
    mese oon rooz nemishe------is not like the look you had the other day
    Migi hala digeh nemisheh------Now you say that it's impossible
    Bemoonim ta hamishe------to stay together forever.
    Eshqm!------ My Love <3!