I need lyrics for a 1st album

Thread: I need lyrics for a 1st album

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  1. Carla Ribeiro said:

    Question I need lyrics for a 1st album

    I need lyrics for a 1 album ..please contact me if available for cooperation
    Thanks everyone
  2. Carla Ribeiro said:

    Red face Need Lyrics for 1st album from solo artist...

    Im a singer but i dont write
    i am trying to find people who would like to have their lyrics sung by someone
    i live in portugal but i want to record in english
    Is anyone available for cooperation ?
  3. Wilson said:


    Sounds good.what genres do you do?.hit me up. Wilsongitauk@gmail.com
  4. Kerri Faye Yates's Avatar

    Kerri Faye Yates said:


    I would love to help if you are interested!
    ~Kerri Faye
  5. ouss16041988 said:


    Hi carla i'm oussama i'm so interested for collaboration i'm from tunisia if you are interested too this is my email ouss_16041988@yahoo.com
  6. alvicopopple said:

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    really i am.seekin for help
    i want to b d youngest african star hipop
    i always dream to b famous as a star @ music n to help to improve my music career like writin d song for mi to sang n vocal everythin pls help