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    it's sunday blues with a monday due,
    and a hope for the ghost of an untamed youth.
    some claim truth, some came nude,
    some cover up like the front page news.
    parties the same- partly to blame for the coalition.
    voters own the system but there's close to no decision.
    kids sitting back with political raps;
    just nod a lot- not committing to act.
    the commonest factions've gotten it backwards,
    so our last defense left are anonymous hackers.
    watching things sink, gods in abyss,
    with bolder soldiers rotting in brigs.
    docking this ship with too few truely Manning it,
    too many ruthless masochists and neutral pacifists.
    we'd have to examine how the ancient romans failed,
    with plans for expansion that came to no avail.

    [Copyright Chistopher Osborne 2013]
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    Venomonology said:


    would like to see this expanded on. I'm sure you could do a really good job on a full political piece.