I had listen to this song a few years ago. Before 2009, it was an amazing song where it was in Japanese by a female singer. I barely remember any of the lyrics, but I do know that in the beginning the song started off with faint, or small footsteps like noises then the female singer started to sing calmly and almost like a whisper maybe? Also she didn't use her voice as strong as in a yelling sort of way. Can't remember that part nor the things after that ;( If anyone can help please do, it is one of my favourite songs since I was little. I do remember watching it on youtube and with a picture that had this " http://i49.tinypic.com/2e5tywx.png " Also I might, just might think it could be one of Akino Arai, since they do have a smiliar voice from what I can remember. Thank you.