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  1. amaryn's Avatar

    amaryn said:

    Default lost in the middle of nowhere

    he didnot know,
    who he was, why he was, what he was
    he was a stranger
    and all around him
    was emptiness, vanity and distress
    he was in danger

    his world had been catered for
    throughout the years
    but now these arrangements
    bored him to tears
    whenever they asked him
    where he would go
    he just said "I don't know"

    he could not see
    what they saw, why they saw, how they saw
    was it his blindness?
    and yet they loved him
    so they said,
    'cause he was mad, yes, he was mad
    and full of kindness

    his mind had been twisted
    throughout the years
    he heard their advices sound in his ears
    whenever they asked him
    where he would go
    he just said: I don't know"

    he couldnot feel
    what they felt, why they felt, how they felt
    he was a stranger
    he saw it all in a different way
    and thought that they,
    yes thought that they
    were all in danger

    his eyes had been fed with light
    throughout the years
    his soul knew the darkness, dullness and fears
    whenever they asked him
    where he would go
    he just said: "I don't know"

    (c) amaryn 2013
  2. Doug Denslowe's Avatar

    Doug Denslowe said:


    This is Fantastic.You posted quite e few pieces today.This is BY FAR my favorite.This could be played very easily,it sings itself right off the page!(or computer)Great song,I'm proud of you!
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    amaryn said:


    Thank you Doug. I play this on piano, but I intend to try a guitarversion of it. The key is minor, it is sung quite passionately.
    It has a strong rhythm, actually 3/4. I can hear DRUMS!!!!!!

    The story of a down and out, someone who finds no understanding in the world surrounding him.
    I wonder if Rickey Rebel likes this.....
  4. Peter Both said:


    I tip my hat for you, Amaryn. Every word is well chosen and the song is really a unity.
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    Kerri Faye Yates said:


    ~Kerri Faye
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    Teshka said:


    awesome amaryn, depth of feeling and irony, goes beyond words and right to the center of being....

    Kerri Faye ty for the bump, I totally missed this till now.
    Music is what feelings sound like
    Listen to the Love
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    BackInBlack said: