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  1. yosniffy said:

    Default Djane Djan - Maria (Armenian)

    Hi, I know this isn't the best song but I need the lyrics in phonetic english + translation for a project.

    Here is the song, thank you sooo much in advance!
  2. dakarian said:


    Jan e jan = Dearly beloved

    Tser dan arach vart tsanetsi kez gurban = In front of your house I planted roses
    Siro artsounkner tapetsi jan e jan = I spilled tears of love, dearly beloved

    Kez siretsi khenti mu bes ansahman = I loved you like a lunatic, without limits
    Sert srdis mech bahetsi jan e jan = I kept your love in my heart, precious, dear

    Varterou mech kez siretsi nazelis = Amid roses, I loved you my coy one
    Indz mi ayrer ou charcharir im hokis = Do not burn me and torture me, my soulmate
    Hazar nazov ser toghel es im srdis = With a thousand moments of me feeling attraction to you, you have let love in my heart
    Or ou kisher acheroos koun chi kalis = Day and night, my eyes do not get sleep

    Sirds hokis kez nvirem havada = My heart, my soul, I give to you. Believe it,
    Srdis mech keznits al ourish yar chiga = In my heart there is no other romantic interest besides you

    Tu gu mnas angeghdz sers havidyan = You will remain my love forever, that is no lie
    Tu indz anits mi heranar im gurban = You, baby dear, do not depart from me
    Achers im spaselov ko jampan = Eyes of mine wait on the path you take,
    Gatil gatil artsounkerov yar goulan = Dripping, dropping tears, soulmate, they weep
  3. yosniffy said:


    Thank you so much!!



    Although the lyrics aren't the most sophisticated, something about the song is addicting. ))