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    I am looking for a balkan song, maybe it is a gipsy song I am not sure:

    itīs a woman singing, in the refrain she repeats the words "Haide duce", its a soft song, but a strong voice;
    the song sounds a bit melancholic,
    I am not sure about the language, maybe bulgarian, romanian, serbian or croatian... I really do not know
    it must be at least 5 years old, maybe older - maybe an golden oldie or even folcloric
    though I assume that it is somehow a gipsy song it does not have any trumpets but strings (violins)
    I think it was a 4/4 rhythm (not 9/8)

    Hope anybody can help, I would like to know the title and singer.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I am overwhelmed! Thatīs it.
    Itīs definetelly that song, that version I was looking for. But the singer ist not Natacha Atlas. nevermind Iīll go on search and find original version to buy.

    Found the lyrics meanwhile: http://www.dunav.org.il/lyrics/ajde_jano.html
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    great ,you're welcome