Can someone please translate this for me

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  1. AMS said:

    Smile Can someone please translate this for me

    I stumbled across this thread a while ago. Can someone please translate this for me? In Greek letters, from a male to female please. I plan to marry her. Thanks in advance

    How I yearn for your warm embrace.
    Tears fall down my face.
    Can you see in my eyes,
    How much I hate our goodbyes?
    I think about you all the time.
    I know in the end we will be just fine.
    Touch me, Love me, be with me,
    The way we are suppose to be.
    I've always wanted to be with you.
    And do the things that lovers do.
    Tell me you want to be with me,
    And that we were meant to be.
    Make this pain go away,
    And please don't let it come back another day.
    Dreaming of you,
    Is all I do.
    This fire I feel, sparks, heat, exotic, burning inside when I think of you.
    My feelings for you I cannot hide,
    Wishing, hoping, yearning, needing you near.
    Oh god can you tell how much I want you dear.
    I can't pretend anymore,
    It's you whom I adore,
    It's you whom I've been longing for.
    I just want to give you my love, my heart, my body, my soul,
    And I never want us to be apart
    In the moonlight I wish on the stars that you were here
    Instead of being there.
    One day I will feel your warm embrace
    And no more tears will fall down from my face.

    I love you, Forever and always.
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    IDontGiveAshirt said:


    ...not a good idea m8.

    Trust me.
    - I want this...I want that...I want...I want...I want
    - Yeah..., everybody wants.... Me too as well...

    I DontGiveAShirt of what you want because you are not ready to give.
  3. AMS said:


    You sure? I've got loads of other poems too
    But is it really not a good idea? Everyone I give the English version to says she would love it...