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    Lightbulb Cloud On a Curb

    Insight bout' as high and cold as the slope of a mountain is
    Pacific Ocean flow fountain
    Precision focus surrounding my soul
    No Chris Brown, but I'm In My Zone
    Making hits, nope never miss
    No critic needed, critiques are predicted before I even move the pen
    Lyrical gold, the studio is my showcase
    Won't nobody know my name until I blow, like smoke grenades
    Hope to blow em' away
    No fans expected, just people that pay attention
    Mental retention pension
    You listen and gain some interest
    Vision dead-eye, aimed at livin'
    Iron sights on my redemption
    Shoot for the sky
    Until shells sit at the tips of my Timberlands
    Write sentences that that'll give the blind a thousand yard stare, into the distance
    Brail image observatory, glimpse the infinite
    No end
    On finds nothing, where another finds treasure
    Air waves dry desiccated
    I'm that diamond in the desert
    Never shy away from pressure
    Game severed
    Use that light in my mind to spark the flame, for the rhymes to weld it together
    Contemplating future moves, current errors, and better times
    Let all my memories play out like a legend, and never die
    I'm down to sever the ground, catch some air, and forever fly
    Prepare these feet on concrete, for those clouds up there in the sky
    Let the forces of light guide me, through the dark side of my journey
    Jedi Knight saber laser flurries
    Lay the game on a gurney
    In this rap race, I make em' look leg-less
    Be the one they love to hate, bow and arrow Cupid Legolas
    Stray miss
    Sharp mind, shave spit
    Wes Snypes, Blade sh*t
    Rhymes like the frame of an Abrams, make
    this tank flip
    Shape shift on those who alienated my name, in my presence
    Me and this pen nine go together like ten eleven
    Pistol punch lines
    Grip on The Good Book for protection
    No vest
    Scoping Heaven from this vantage point of deception
    Perception going through ups and downs, hackie sack
    Losing sight is at an all time high
    Somebody bring gravity back
    We let our progress run stagnant
    Like a race turned to a pageant
    Nobody wins when the whole system is holistically challenged
    Entranced in this enchanted reality of romantics
    D-Boy stances standing up the date with our advancement
    Passing out audio cancer like candy to young ears
    They hear it for fear of being outcasted by the their peers
    In a town where rain pours three of four quarters out the year
    Floating in the the same boat, some learn to treat it like a lear
    Even though they're nowhere near, we dream of rolling in a coupe
    Physical value hard top
    Don't let the world be your roof
    Old myths with no proof, still introduced to youth
    Wonder how history'd look, if we only knew the truth
    In this global group home, I feel alone in my portion
    Of Oregon origin, where torsion is born distorted
    Can't afford to wage a war on a stop-loss abortion
    Perfect picture clouded up, like a Bob Ross portrait
    Walking on the moon with Nike Boots and Air forces
    Sporting truth's space suit, give me room
    In the paint I ain't courteous
    Hoop shoes and spin moves
    Word play Michael Jordan
    Flow hard wood floor
    Show you how to put up a board
    Faith rich
    Mental billionaire, tryna break through the gates
    And see daylight through the blinds of this barracks room full of hate
    Foolish lyrical push and pull, broken record of mixtapes
    Monetary audiophiles
    I'd rather make some change
    Keep the papes', just give me freedom of expression
    Wanna shoot for the stars, but they're stealing all our weapons
    Trekking through a Great Depression, but we're steady half stepping
    Time is money
    I suggest that we adhere to our investments
    As teens, we followed dreams that the tv screen projected
    Wound up feeling like the complete cast of The Young And The Restless
    Fled temporary inception
    Once wary of discretion
    Had to exceed what they expected, to succeed in this profession
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