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    I've been thinking about starting to play either electric guitar or bass guitar because I've always wanted too but never really had the time. Any advice on which to choose or anything else relevent?
  2. D-Fens said:


    Since im a bassist i would say try bass....but since i hate competition i would also say electric......possibly try electric guitar at first then when you get ok at that, bass shouldent be too hard to make a start on
  3. dpmusica said:


    I think it would be easier for you to understand both those instruments if you took a little piano before. Just knowing where your notes are on something as obvious as (the keys are like right there) a piano could probably make it easier. And, although both require some sense of rythym, you have to be more of yourself on the bass. You can get away with a little more on the guitar if you mess up.
  4. pezza said:


    Fingers are very delicate things. I played drums before I played bass and bass before I played guitar. Be aware that if you learn bass you will need a lot of strength in your fingers to play complex parts. If you start with guitar in a sense the same applies: Bar chords demand more strength than open chords and scales, electric guitars are easier to play than acoustic ones because they generally use lighter gauge strings. Whatever you do get a good teacher. It's better to pay $50 an hour for 10 good lessons than $25 for 20 OK ones. However, there is no guarantee that paying more money will mean getting better lessons so you will have to trust your instincts.
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    Try electric guitar and learn the basic chords, and when you realize that the bass is much more interesting and fun and has got the bigger potential to bring your house down when plugged into a bit stronger amp, youll get one for yourself...