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    Idan Raichel has a new album (I think) music from the superstar! :-D

    יושבים בחוף אל מול המים
    Yoshvim bachof el mul hamayim
    Sitting on the beach, across from the water
    מול קצף שנשכח בחול
    Mul ketzef shenishkach bachul
    Facing foam (of the water/waves), that's forgotten in the sand
    והנחלים זורמים עדיין
    Vehanchalim zormim adayin
    And the streams still flow
    לב שפועם זוכר הכול
    Lev shepo'em zocher hakol
    A heart that throbs remembers everything

    מה שהיה בילדותנו
    Ma shehaya beyaldutenu
    What happened in our childhood
    מה שהפכנו להיות
    Ma shehafachnu lihyot
    What we've become
    תקוות גדולות נשאה הרוח
    Tikvot gdolot nasaah haru'ach
    Big hopes carried in the wind
    חזרה שלכת זיכרונות
    Chazra shalechet zichronot
    The fall of autumn leaves returned, memories

    וכל דבר אז בי נוגע
    Vekol davar az bi noge'a
    And then, everything touches me
    כל נפלאות היום
    Kol nifla'ot hayom
    All the wonders of the day
    אז בואי ועמדי לרגע
    Az bo'i ve'emdi larega
    So come, stand next to me for a moment
    עכשיו קרוב, עכשיו קרוב
    Achshav karov, achshav karov
    Close now, close now

    כוכב נופל קרוב אלינו
    Kochav nofel karov eleinu
    A star falls near us
    ושוב אליו נושאים תפילות
    Veshuv elav nosim tfilot
    And again, prayers are said for him
    אור של תקוות עוטף אותנו
    Or shel tikvot otef otanu
    A light of hopes covers us
    זה לתמיד ולא יחלוף
    Ze letamid velo yachlof
    It's forever, and won't be passed by
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    hello thanx for the lyrics i wonder if you please could help me with some lyrics of my favorite songs, i would apreciate, of course little by little, this are the songs, and thnx in advance

    i think enough , hehehe i love those songs please help me , i can wait tillyou can do it, thanx again
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  3. Helena Mannervo said:


    Wonderful to find this page!! Thank you for these lyrics! Could you please write lyrics to "Rak oto" ? And can you tell me from where I could find also the chords to those songs? I got Idan Raichel's quarter to six CD for christmas present and this music is brilliant! I sing hebrew songs and also just try to learn hebrew now and that's why I'm very happy to get those lyrics.