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    BackInBlack said:


    Quote Originally Posted by MonsterWrapper View Post

    'Read' your verse and it was worse than what I expected
    'Aren'tchu' you glad I responded? Still mad you're rejected?
    'Ya low' blows need to step it up, you're below low
    'G', your flows are as clogged as a 'reen', couldn't be fixed by mojo
    'Blew' you to pieces, not even Jesus would come back, for you
    'Violets' would be turned to violence, your vision conditioned to 'Black and blue'
    'Indy goes' in the Temple of Doom, still not as perilous when I got the doom at your temple
    You'll see a 'combination of colors', and I'll ultimately 'Blacken' and ruin your tempo

    Who hates and kills black? KKK.
    See, I just wait until Black drops something wack. Gay, gay, gay!
    When Monster 'slacks', you'd 'pant' and bite your nails
    But not some lines, cuz I could tell when you write your fails
    That was a little better, see, you just needed some inspiration
    It was almost clever, gee, I even see signs of innovation
    That's good son because you're whole fukkin' style needs renovation
    Now your just a cheap imitation of a cheap imitation
    Which is still better than what you were before that
    You still think you're better than me but I'm gonna ignore that
    Every peon makes mistakes but we'll wait to see if ya make more if ya write more c(rap)
    You can rhyme a little but that's not gonna cut it for rap
    Coz even Dr. Seuss could rhyme but he wasn't a fukkin' EmCee
    And neither are you so who do ya think you are, fukkin' with me?
    You can eat a d1ck b1tch and straight D-I-E
    You aint special, just another vessel, you aint a V-I-P
    See I see ya sh1t is weak but you think you're somethin' great
    That's the type of b1tch 4$$ mitch bade n166a that I fukkin' hate
    I'll rip out your uvula and then skull fukk your motherfukkin' face, that's your fukkin' fate
    You aint even really in the fukkin' race coz you aint got what it fukkin' takes
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  2. KennyNeverDies said:


    Ayt **** it I've been away for a while, it's crazy,
    How y'all went from flow like the River Nile, to lazy,
    I'm forgiving, I'll be pharaoh-nly (fair only) to those who deserve it,
    BnB ain't included, stealing in these ends get you curses,
    I-frickin (African) hate jew (you), so don't come crying to me,
    When I come for you oldest son, then make life his enemy,
    Cos you've been denying the miracles I've been sent to deliver,
    No more time wasting, split this 'cee cos I know he's a sinner.
    I'll leave a mark on these other rappers so I avoid them,
    Take a 'note' to 'pound' you with 'euro'-ne (you're own) sh1t, see these lines I 'coin' them.

    You keep talking some crazy sh1t, all psychologically damaged,
    Just cos your **** wife left you for me, and you don't know how you'll manage.
    I'm the definition of success, you're just all whiney and b1tchy,
    Thinking your weak sh1t is on the level of Wiley or 50,
    I ain't lying with my lines, it's science,
    Stop experimenting with words, get back to mining for diamonds,
    In your back yard, Thinking you gonna hit rich,
    Only time you'll see 3 figures is when you're staring at bills.

    Anyways BackInBlack, Go back and slack,
    Back to sucking on something that's BigNBlack.
    Cocaine addiction, you can keep picking-that,
    Crack*****s the only ones you can stick your d1ck in that.

    This to everyone else who thinks they can target the market,
    Now that the major corporations have left and rolled up the carpet.
    I keep a monopoly over this, so I can zone in on anyone tryna bend and kiss,
    Up to someone's ***, and then exist,
    As a seperate entity, I'll treat you like a feminist,
    Cos you can hope for equality, but I'll control you with censorship.

    I'm a rhyming AI that's passed the Turing test,
    You can try to reach me, but I'll always be best,
    I'm the first, you're the last,
    I'm the future, you're the past,
    I'm the teacher, you're the class,
    Now I'm tired of typing, let me go close my fast.
  3. taylormaximus said:


    What is a blind rappers greatest wish/desire?
    To 'Cee

    Kenny passes the Turing test in Turings closet
    practicing for Turings sex. Calls it deciphering hidden text
    yeah but only Turing got the credit.. (and probably my reference)
    Kenny went home with his dik red and his *****hole wrecked
    I think kenny got Turings message

    Kenny talks about Nile flows.
    Kennys in da'Nile without a boat
    a life jacket or a saviors rope
    Kennys drownin' but his Ignorance is draggin' him, No hope.
    Max offers a noose while in form of a GOAT
    the nicest thing Kenny gets when he attempts stupid prose, so.

    Current 'cee
    I coin vocab used in exchanges
    When battling with brains, you're exchanged
    for sense
    which your always quick to offer in exchange for compliments:
    Two cents, you're always offerin' but you lack the sense and sight to util'eyesAI as you said)
    So kenny instead of kenny. I'll call you penny.
    Lusterless, easily lost, easily tossed,
    used monetarily for:
    Scratch off's.
    Scratch that.
    youre a scratch off that I scratched off and couldn't refund the scratch back
    So here I'll just scratch you off of my respect pad.

    But kenny dude you probably used to that
    seems like max is addicted to stabbin you with clever attacks
    You have potential with battle rap, if only you'd fukin format your words into battle tact!
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    MonsterWrapper said:


    Damn Kenny, our judge just ripped you up kid
  5. MonsterWrapper's Avatar

    MonsterWrapper said:


    Lol okay, lemme try this in a "cheap imitation" of your technique bro

    Alright, all night, I'm versatile
    Diss personal, if this hurts it'll
    Black your vision, off switch
    Rapping prism, triangular, danger of hot sh1t
    Mitch Bade, you're a b1tch made wannabe Tech N9ne
    "What makes you think you can wreck mine!"
    If I'm not, you must be 'V.I.P.' - Vexed In Perplexity
    In plain words, your text is 'con-text', inflexibly
    Unacceptable, I'm a skeptic skeptically
    Questioning the weaponry pressed at me
    Your style's bland and basic, variations varied
    I'm very Asian, a cation carried
    Positively charged, Chargers, I'm 'yellow and blue'
    A mellow fellow, until your bellowing grew
    It's a sin to kill, but I've killed this sin, blasphemy
    'Asian crip', but I could make a blood blast for me
  6. alvicopopple said:


    i jump in with no beat/so admit it/am d king/when it comes hippop thing/alvico dam nice/so stay out/i dnt wanna sperm on ur girl all d time/u want 2 give me a slap/bt believe it u dnt chew spice/i hate 2 see ur face/coz all u do best is 2 post repeat wack lines/ur mc lack good rhyme/av cook,so my ***** come av a dine/me dnt squeeze rapper in my purse/for him 2 do rap by force/my name is really mistry/guinea book of record/
  7. KennyNeverDies said:


    You in love with the GOAT title, see what that means to me,
    Is your an 18 year old virgin with dreams of bestiality.
    An American hillbilly cousin fuc*er born in a trailer,
    I'll leave this rednecks, neck red with the blood I draw from this failure.

    You can scratch as much as you want, you can't get rid of this itch,
    Like you can chop your d1ck off, but can't take the puss* out of a b1tch
    I passed Turing's test easily,
    That's why it's not feasibly,
    Possible for you to ever win in an encounter of wit,
    I've got every reference in the world while you only got sh1t.

    Sorry for cutting it short man, just really busy atm. Btw join us on kik (few of us on there) just set us your username, make an account if you aint got one already. Peace
  8. alvicopopple said:


    d forum fill wit junks wrapper/in here any dope rapper/so keep it simple/after this u all will start 2 shiver/am like wow! yh global warming/keep ur girl tight wit a good fuc..kin/still lookin fresh n so chubby/fork 2 ur gay,u still weak wack dummies/

    is d forum on whatsapp guyz #peace
  9. taylormaximus said:


    Your dreams are sick, you seem possessed
    like black
    I'm max, I'm possessed with devilish wit
    Kenny youre in needin' of an exorcist
    Soul in debt for your near sightedness
    contract you signed when you logged in
    so let me provide you the remindin' of just who designed cleverness with intelligence
    and left a trail *for you to sniff
    so please kenny have respect for the greats and
    Do deem to try harder and learn from your inept mistakes

    Itch? Nah you're a herp of dissapoitment
    moisten the hurt I'm about to inflict
    and use alcohol as the ointment

    pointless, you're writen with the dull end
    of a pencil with no eraser to fix what your dull mind imagins
    Lack'N imagery
    like kenny lacked n's and lost the:

    (No offense I'm just practicin style)
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    Phase said:


    Seems creativity lackers are nativity rappers
    Fukk bringing back the old days
    You don't like my style? Don't loathe your grave!
    Things don't change back
    Bell-bottoms in style the 2nd time were sagged off our @ss
    Grandmamas mad at modern fads
    Only old *****es called us a young man
    *****es our age called us childish for seeing commitments as bad
    That's what a rapper told me, tryna mold beliefs
    A younger one said, we wear skinny jeans to show we're street
    It's our style, don't be sleep thinking clothes make us weak
    Yo old @ss say it look gay, til we show we got heat
    I was rocking my snapback cuz I thought they were new
    They were the style before fitted caps became cool
    Seen a picture of LL with a Kangol on, looking smooth
    But they were weak rap niqqas, no metaphors used
    I can respect pioneers, but compared to us they're squares
    Shout outs whose going hard, get that soft sh1t outta here
    Tryna broaden my mind? how much am I getting paid?
    Only want a big house, nice ride, some pistols, & chains
    All that "be smart" ****'s for lames
    Spit them raps about the game, getting b1tches, getting blazed
    How I do it, how I did my thang, how sh1t ain't changed
    Babymama save the drama, fukk minimum wage
    Cops tryna lock us in cages cuz they don't live the same
    The state of hip hop's predominantly our state of life
    In a capitalist society and not given equal rights
  11. Mr. 4's Avatar

    Mr. 4 said:


    No offense Max, but you aren't in any way possessed with devilish wit
    and you're only clever or intelligent when you're professor'in kids
    so that "trail" you left was probably covered in sh1t.
    My righteousness is confined in text
    I'm not gunna lie, it's probably the reason I can Ice these vets
    I'm an iceberg the way I chill *****z up on this thread
    I'm a spider the way I eat *****z up on the web
    So chill max because next im going for kenny
    wanna know where ya life is headed, ill toss you a penny...
  12. taylormaximus said:


    Your righteousness must be confined in text
    Someone elses

    Found in possession of and charged with:
    Possession of unoriginal content

    "you aren't in any way possessed with devilish wit"

    Congratulations, idiot. You took my line added a negative to its connotation
    and what we're left with is a pretend rhetoricist/exorcist who couldn't perform the exorcism of my possessed wit

    Tosses a penny at me. My life is headed in that direction he says mischievously... :
    max winks deliberately, pondering many of things then responds intelligently:

    So the penny represents where im headed
    That penny is headed for a "wish'n'well"
    (Max is gonna be well and spiffy!)
    And for that to you I would be: indebted
    but until then I wish'u'well
    For giving me the sense to cleverly input a wish'n'well defence
    You should know I'm serious and a snitch
    I'll turn 'u' 'n' and leave a postcard: wish'n'well, thanks for the donation

    You only ice vets when you "hail" us as adept
    Youre an ice berg chillin?
    I'm global warmin' leavin a trail of sweat, (not sh1t)
    Explains why you're slippin'

    Spider in a web? I'm bug spray on the .net
  13. MonsterWrapper's Avatar

    MonsterWrapper said:


    Possession? Forget the 'right to bear arms', it's gonna get 'grizzly'
    We're 'polar' opposites, but 'Brother', bare/'bear' with me
    Your content's 'Pooh', yet you think you're 'Winnie'/winning
    I'll 'Smokey'/smoke ye in 'forest fire', just like you did with Kenny

    But once 'Forrest' fires, he won't stop running
    So I say: 'T.Hanks' for stopping by, but you're simply not stunning
    Returned to the forum, too bad the form was lost
    Returned the key, too bad the door is locked

    Poorly disses Mr. 4, so far he Mrs. 2(misses two, or too. Idc both would make sense)
    "Kennys just practice... But, hugs and kisses boo!"

    You may now kiss the bride, I guess I'm the 'best, man'
  14. MonsterWrapper's Avatar

    MonsterWrapper said:



    This is probably Kenny, attempting an alter-ego
    I could tell. Cuz sh1t stains, so just halt the ego

    But let's say Mr.4 is for real

    Don't try for prose/pros, not close yet too far
    Max's a professor, more clever than you are
    Known for some dope wordplay, and trick a Cee'/intricacy
    But lost his 'touch', so he only has '4 sense/cents', but ironically keeps throwing '4 pennies'(4 can also mean Mr.4)

    You only here for a 'buzz', but anyone can see/Cee'
    Cuz when you 'B' 'U', we all catchin zz's
    Dumb dude who assumes his rappin is fly
    Can't even tell your 'top from bottom' like a 'capital I'

    You're a slave to society. Only performs, when 'Massa'chus'etts'
    'U da h0' that belongs in a massive mass of stupids
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  15. taylormaximus said:


    Well done friend, your technical skills have improved!

    If my content is pooh then I am indeed winning/Winnie
    A.A Milne wrote me a letter, told me her pu $$y
    drips like honey
    when she thinks of maxs wording
    I hear she even wrote a short story:
    winnie and the honey pot
    Content: monsters head in a flower pot

    Monster when I drop'n you're droppin' your n's
    mo_stER visits after max is finished with the lacerations
    Max is influenced by hallucinations,
    caused often from hallucinogens
    More than likely than not: voices speak and it always ends:
    with another killed man, but mostly men

    My eyes sore from top to bottom. I sore from top to bottom (training)
    bearin' bare arms for my country is not a problem and if there was I'd solve it:
    Ammunition from a terrorist convention
    praise the second amendment
    more importantly praise the right to OUR rights!
    'Merica and our (the people) independence.

    (Capital) "I" soared from bottom to top,
    I assume you enjoy the taste of bottom, butt atleast you have your spot,
    and after all you've had it a lot
    I meant allot: the bottom spot is wrappers casket
    sh1t I can smell him rot, he can't mask it

    Not even when he @temps
    nor when he basque in the glory of technical script
    he is still the same student, just a Lil more clever with his synopsis
    And I'm honored to have practiced with even after he provoked this

    (Ramble rap. No reason just to prose a threat lolol, but really this has nothing to do with battle rap I wrote this for fun and comedy)
    Smokey is my main bich, reason he don't want no fires in the forest
    Is cuz my surplus is growin' big
    I yell timber when I smoke a twig
    Build a log cabin out of Mary Jane's stems
    call it livin the high life
    But I won't invite no friends
    on a constant I'm over dosin' , eyelids barely slits when the clocks alarm makes the neighbors panic
    "they like what's happenin' is he okay, how come he didn't hit the snooze button?"
    Cuz max is busy gettin' baked
    The next day wake up more prone to addiction than I've ever been
    coughin up more resin than I inhaled-...I'm gonna try to smoke this again.....-
    Comatosin' through a sitcom of intervention
    rewind to listen, cuz I wasn't payin' attention
    To much focus on this bush I gotta trim
    while my niqqa smokey rippin a bong hit

    Smokey aka Brutha Bear earned this alias for the same reason: the cage he was kept in was located in the Smokey Mnts
    He was held, charged and found in possession
    of bear armaments:
    Sentencin: Guilty. Til max offered to smoke plenty with the jury for a fee:
    Bear meat(plot twist)
  16. taylormaximus said:


    I'm black I stutter when I speak, which is why I'm so stupid about fluency when writing

    and I copy whatevers within reach that seems deep, cuz my flow? Shallow as the beach...

    unfortunately it seems now since such adversity has joined the forum
    my flow has dried up and has left me with no decorum
    my form remains the same: formless
    less of a form than a germ is
    well if we grabbed a microscope we'd see germ in form...
    bnb must not exist,
    Gmc or number 4, Rick

    All these fakes. Yet I'm still tmaximus
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  17. Template's Avatar

    Template said:


    Taylor turn tail or tailor your rhymes
    Or lack there of, impaling your mind
    Sorry I guess you rhyme by a 'hair', so rhyme's tough
    But even if you got sharp edges, still wouldn't bring your line-up

    American express yo feelings, max'ing the limit
    Cards dealt, swiped,fled, no longer stackin' digits
    Your number's up, half past a minute
    30 second self-inflicted burn, just pass the skillet
    Myself in death I reap rewards
    ...Life insurance
    See bro I just stopped rhyming there
    Poetry is dope but this is rap, and your words ain't climbing stairs

    Switch gears don't get near
    Ten beers I send fear
    I'd take a shot too but then friends wouldn't lend ears
    Under influence I influence
    Your in-fluency is your con-tinuance
    Pro use of a stutter as another excuse
    Motherfúcker utter a word, without suffer/abuse
    I'd kill you easy, but you did the job for me
    Warning, "Max spitting hot but missing rhymes and sword swings"
    Or is it blocked by force-fields?
    Unseen like Black when exposed and the source peeled.
    Mr. 4 thinks
    About four things
    One, your forced imagery scenes are boring
    Two, your painless morphine endorsed schemes needs quarantine
    Three, take your "ramble rap" and any other weak sample back
    Four, for example, I'm a torch your a candle
    Yes Pro grabbed the handle, but you got trampled by the heat and scrambled
    Gambled, came back a month later like his poetry tour got canceled.

    But fück what Mr. 4 thinks, I'm Mista One
    I'll put words in max mouth till he kiss the gun
    Miss the pun?
    Not talking about sauce when I say he dip and run
    Cheddar cheesy lines this MC bob his head
    w/o rhymes he shooting himself and now lost a leg

    (Join our kik chat Bruh, dm me your username)
  18. young.flow23 said:


    all you guys fake stop rapping it's a waste of time your better off working off you behind at a real job in real life homie just listen don't even think twice cause all you guys suck while I'm writing this I'm getting sucked by your girl know I gotta go I'm gonna rock her world
  19. BackInBlack's Avatar

    BackInBlack said:


    You're just like Kid Icarus is
    Flyin' too close to the sun, Son, you can't bring the wickedness
    But to wickedness I'm indigenous, so consider it's
    Time for you to admit defeat and hit the street coz there's no deliverance in this biz and you're frivolous
    You keep spreadin' that toxic sh1t like syphilis, it's ridiculous
    There's no deference, no difference, I'm plain sick of this
    It's a common occurance, you're all plain Jane ignorants, ignorance is not bliss, get a wiff of this
    'Cause I've been the sh1t, I'm in this sh1t and I don't feign innocense, I know it's hit or miss
    But I've been hittin' it with a bitter twist since before you even knew what to hit it with
    You're something like an immigrant, I'm a critic's gift
    It's odd bein' the black sheep, never seemin' to lack beef or a cynic's lips
    But I stay spittin' like an uzi and you can tell hip hop I'm back up in that booty to finish clips
    Spittin' menace scripts, I grimace like the Grinch stealin' Christmas gifts
    You really don't know what a bliss this is
    I got a sh1t list a mile long, that's how long a list this is
    But I just keep my smile on and miss the disses whilst bringin' viciousness

    You can't get with this
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  20. juggalojoe23 said:


    Look back in black thinks he as dope as cat in the hat sure he can rap but how's bout you rap to the sound of me making your girls *** cheeks flap how's that you ask cuz I've broke into your house with the black Mack 10 wit the ski mask **** back the gat an make it go blast.